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F1| Vasseur admitted that the cost freeze was fundamental for Alfa Romeo to survive 2020

The boss of Alfa Romeo thinks that the partial freeze development and token system helped the team to survive to a dramatic year.

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F1| Vasseur admitted that the cost freeze was fundamental for Alfa Romeo to survive 2020
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In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic every Formula 1 team had to face a financially difficult period, which could have led many of them to a definite breakdown.

Both the FIA, the teams and Liberty Media tried to do their best to face the emergency to survive and in order to do that, previously they all agreed to froze the new regulations there were to be out in 2021 and delay them to 2022. The teams agreed in carrying on their current chassis in 2021 as well and froze partially the development of the car so that everyone could be able to take part in the new season even if the pandemic did affect heavily every team, especially the less rich ones.

Talking about that, Alfa Romeo boss Frédéric Vasseur admitted that the Hinwiil-based team was one of those who could have not make it to be on the grid in F1 this 2021 season.

"It's never easy to do a move because you're always a bit scared that you could give an advantage to someone else or to another team,-Vasseur stated- We were in a such a tough situation that we had to [agree to a reduced cost cap and development freeze]. But we could also imagine at this stage that some teams would have been more drastically against that.”

Alfa Romeo struggled during the 2020 season and ended up only eighth in the Constructors’ Championship and this leads to a minor financial help, which is vital for who counts on it to develop his own car. Being united as a group resulted a revolution for the whole Circus, making 2020 as a financial and political milestone for the sport – “ Less than before, it would have been difficult- Vasseur said - For sure it's also in the tough times that you can see the solidarity of the group. In a couple of weeks we were able to do much more than what we did in the last 10 years with the reduction of the cost cap, the change of regulation, the fact that the FOM was able to build an incredible 17-race calendar in a couple of weeks, and the agility of all the teams to change from one calendar to another. So many things happened in such a short period that I think it was like a revolution into the mindset of F1. Now we have to keep this mindset because I think that for the future, we will probably have to face new issues in the future. And that means that when we are working together we are able to improve the situation quite fast."

We can say that if Formula 1 made it not only through 2020 but to 2021 too it is because of the solidarity and unity from every member who proved once more how important it is to work together.


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