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F1 | Lawrence Stroll has ‘’100% confidence and belief that Vettel will do a fantastic job’’

The Canadian businessman talked about Vettel, his son and aiming for championships with Aston Martin.

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F1 | Lawrence Stroll has ‘’100% confidence and belief that Vettel will do a fantastic job’’
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Lawrence Stroll has his sights firmly on success with Aston Martin. In an interview with BBC Sport, the Canadian says the aim is to win races and championships with his team. 

His hopes for 2021 are podiums and potentially wins as he looks to continue to build a team capable of challenging the big guns in the years to come.  

"My aim with this, like the other businesses I've owned, is to win," Stroll said. 

"F1 is a process that takes years to be successful; it is not an overnight thing, but no business is built overnight," Stroll said. 

"This will be the same. I want to continue where we finished last year, only stronger. 

"We had several podiums; we had a win. I'd like this year to have several more podiums and another win or two - step by step fighting for more and more wins." 

Stroll asked Aston Martin team principal Otmar Szafanuer and technical director Andrew Green if big changes were needed to compete for a World Championship. The team is currently buying engines and other parts from Mercedes as they look to challenge the Brackley-based team in the future. 

"I said: 'We have the new rules coming in for 2022, we are here to win, it's why I'm here, it's why we're all here, but I have the ability to give us the resources we need to win," he added. "What would we do if anything differently in order to become world champions?' 

"And Andy (Green) said: 'My initial answer is I don't think I would change a whole lot.'" 

Aston Martin signed Sebastian Vettel for 2021 as the team made a real statement for the future; Sergio Perez was the driver to lose his drive at the team, but now finds himself at Red Bull. 

Vettel had an extremely difficult 2020; he finished 65 points and five places behind Charles Leclerc in the standings, with a single podium in Turkey the only truly memorable highlight for him.  

13th in the championship was by far his lowest finish in every full season he’s taken part in.  

However, Lawrence Stroll has full faith in the German, declaring he has 100% ''confidence’’ in Vettel to get the job done.  

"Sebastian had a very challenging year last year," he said. 

"All of us would find it challenging that you lose your job before the season starts. That's mentally very difficult, and you know how mental a game F1 is for drivers. 

"He had a car he found tricky to drive that didn't suit his driving style. We've seen that before in his last year at Red Bull [in 2014]. 

"But he's a four-time world champion. I don't think he forgot how to drive in one year. He has a work ethic that is known as second to none in the paddock in terms of how hard he works. 

"One of the ways we are going to be world champions is to get my guys to think and act like world champions. And how you do that is bring a four-time world champion into the team. 

"He is going to take the team in a direction of leading us to where ultimately we want to be. 

"I am not concerned. I know Sebastian well, and I have 100% confidence and belief he will do a fantastic job with us. He is more motivated than he has ever been. 

Stroll said his decisions to buy Racing Point and to take over Aston Martin were independent business choices. He’s the head of both now.  

‘’The two together make magic", he said. ‘’The best way to market Aston Martin is through owning its own F1 team; that's when the picture became clear." 

Lawrence Stroll has full faith in his son that he can become World Champion with Aston Martin in the future and believes Lance has already shown his ''talent and ability.’’ 

Stroll Sr. said: "Lance's performance on track last year for a 21-year-old was extremely impressive - there was the pole in Turkey, when we all know in the wet it is more about the driver than the car, leading the race for 30 laps until part of the front wing broke. 

"There were two podiums and some bad luck - a tyre blew at Mugello - that would have been another podium. 

"At 21, he did a stellar job, an incredible job. I wish him, like any father would wish any son, the best he could possibly do, as long as it makes him happy - that's what counts. 

"Last year we had a good car. This year we will have a different level of excitement and motivation because of Aston Martin. 

"We've got more people, we have the new factory coming, it's all exciting but his performance on track last year demonstrated he has the ability to perform very well." 

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