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F1 | Magnussen "doesn't feel sad about leaving F1"

The Danish driver is going to leave Formula 1 this year due to the decision of Haas to change both the drivers for 2021. However he said that he is excited for the new challenges in the sportscar racing

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F1 | Magnussen "doesn't feel sad about leaving F1"
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Kevin Magnussen said goodbye to Formula 1, at least for this 2021, during his last race last year in Abu Dhabi, after that Haas decided to change both the Danish driver and Romain Grosjean with a new line-up.

Magnussen however stressed how he is not sad for his leaving Formula 1, since fighting for just a couple points in the whole season with Haas became for him a bit boring and not very exciting anymore. On the contrary he said that he is thrilled to move into sportscar racing this year.

"I'm truly looking forward to it, I can't wait", said Magnussen. "It makes it all easier. I don't feel sad about Abu Dhabi being my last Formula 1 race. I'm going to miss driving the cars, and especially I'm going to miss the guys in the team. But I can't help just feel excited, looking forward to what's next for me, rather than sad about not being in F1".

"Everyone wants to get to Formula 1, including myself. That's what I've always dreamt of. But after a while, if you can't win races, even scoring points isn't so exciting".

"With Haas, we've done that quite a lot. Recently, not so much. But even getting into the top 10 becomes old. That's not a true target, if you're a real winner. That is not going to satisfy you".

"In Formula 1, you need to have a great car to be able to win races", added Magnussen. "Of course one out of 1,000 times it can happen, someone can win who isn't in the best car, but that's more down to luck, and you need some pretty extreme circumstances for that to happen".

"You can't go out, do it yourself, and make that difference. It's truly impossible. I'm really looking forward to getting back in a winning situation again, where I can wake up in the morning and think about how much I'm looking forward to going for the win at Daytona or Sebring or Laguna Seca, etc. They're some pretty awesome race tracks and races that I'm going to be able to look forward to", said eventually Kevin Magnussen.

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