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F1 | Carlos Sainz vs Lando Norris; performance comparison in qualifying and race

McLaren was one of the biggest surprises of the 2020 Formula 1 season as they managed to finish in P3 in the Constructors' Championship. In this piece, we compare Lando Norris' and Carlos Sainz's performances and results in qualifying sessions and race.

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F1 | Carlos Sainz vs Lando Norris; performance comparison in qualifying and race
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After a difficult season for Formula 1, in which the FIA had to recalculate the calendar to be able to compete in the 2020 season, there were several drivers who gave the surprise, some beating their teammates and others showing the reliability that the teams needed. This article will compare the performance of the Woking drivers: Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris, for this will be taken into account: qualifying sessions and final position of the race.

In the case of McLaren, its two drivers scored enough points to place the team in third place in the Constructors' Championship, beating Racing Point on the last race, with seven units.

“There have been many races this year in which we have executed things well as a team. Between us, we have obtained much better results for that. That's because I respect Carlos, he respects me and we wanted to do the best job for the team.” Norris said after the race in Abu Dhabi.



  • Qualifying session and race position

Carlos Sainz began the 2020 season knowing that by 2021 he would be a Ferrari driver, after the Maranello announcement came in May, when the season was still reeling.

In the end, the season featured 17 races, with some triple headers race weekends, with new tracks or that returned to the category to facilitate the season, since F1 did not have Grand Prix in America.

In qualifying sessions, Lando Norris beat Sainz 9-8, but Carlos narrowly edged him by starting twice from third on the grid, the best position from which he started the season, obtained in Styria and Italy. While Norris also started from third position, but only once, in the Austrian Grand Prix.

In Sainz's case, he advanced to Q3 14 times, the same amount as the British driver, but Norris dropped the Spaniard's time 10 times during qualifying.

Grand Prix Sainz's Time Lap Sainz's Position  Norris' Position Norris' Time Lap Difference from Norris to Sainz
Austria 1:03.971 8 3 1:03.626 -0.345
Styria 1:20.671 3 9 1:20.925 +0.254
Hungary 1:15.027 9 8 1:14.966 -0.061
Great Britain 1:25.965 7 4 1:25.427 -0.538
70th Anniversary 1:27.083 12 10 1:26.778 -0.305
Spain 1:17.044 7 8 1:17.084 +0.040
Belgium 1:42.438 7 10 1:42.657 +0.219
Italy 1:19.695 3 6 1:19.820 +0.125
Toscany 1:17.870 9 11 1:16.640 -1.230
Russia 1:32.550 6 8 1:32.847 +0.297
Eifel 1:26.709 10 8 1:26.458 -0.251
Portugal 1:17.520 7 8 1:17.525 +0.005
Imola 1:14.911 10 9 1:14.814 -0.097
Turkey 1:55.410 15 14 1:54.945 -0.465
Bahrain  -------- 15 9 1:28.542 ------
Sakhir 54.010 8 15 54.693 +0.683
Abu Dhabi 1:35.815 6 4 1:35.497 -0.318
Average Qualifying Position   8 (8.3) 8 (8.4)    
  • Race and final position

Although qualifying is a parameter to measure the drivers, it is Sunday when the final positions give you points for both the Drivers and Constructors' Championship and it was in this area that the Spaniard, Carlos Sainz finished higher than his teammate, despite the fact that he had to retire in two races, and one did not start. It was the second position he obtained in Italy and the fourth place in Sakhir, his highest positions; while in the case of Norris, his best position was third on one occasion and fourth on three.

Regarding the occasions in which they finished in the points, Norris prevails to Sainz with 13 occasions by 12 of the Spaniard. The average of the best position for the now Ferrari driver was to be fifth (5.5), while in the case of the British was seventh (7.2).

Finally, in the final points, Carlos won with 105 units, to finish in sixth place in the Drivers' Championship; while, Lando was placed ninth, with 97 points.

Grand Prix Carlos Sainz's Position Lando Norris' Position
Austria 5 3
Styria 9 5
Hungary 9 13
Great Britain 13 5
70th Anniversary 13 9
Spain 6 10
Belgium DNS (Did not start) 7
Italy 2 4
Toscany DNF 6
Russia DNF 15
Eifel 5 DNF
Portugal 6 13
Imola 7 8
Turkey 5 8
Bahrain 5 4
Sakhir 4 10
Abu Dhabi 5 4
Average Race Position 5th (5.5) 7th (7.2)
Victories 0 0
Podiums 1 1
DNFs 2 1
Points 105 97
Drivers' Championship 6 9

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