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F1 | BREAKING NEWS: Imola will be on the circus in 2021 too

Due to the postponement of both Australia and China GP, the new schedule sees Imola included again.

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F1 | BREAKING NEWS: Imola will be on the circus in 2021 too
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Here comes the officiality that we were all waiting for: Imola's Grand Prix will have an encore in 2021 as well. It will be the second race in the calendar and it will be the first European one in the largest F1 season ever.

The 2020 season has been particularly rich for Italians, as it hosted three “Italian” Grands Prix: the usual Monza, Mugello and Imola.

Many fans have been disappointed when the 2021 schedule came out to find out that Monza was the only Italian race to be confirmed but no worries: things have changed change. The Coronavirus’ pandemic is indeed far from being overcome yet and this could lead to an encore of the 2020 season, with many races postponed only to be cancelled and new entries to be set at the very last minute.

It is the case of Imola. The Santermo track confirmed to will be hosting again the Circus, as both Australia  and China started new talks to find a new date to be part of the new F1 season once again. Australia has been postponed to November 21st while China is still having some talks to find a new date to fit in.

The updated 2021 Formula 1 calendar counts 23 races. The season will start on March 26th in Bahrain and it will ends with Abu Dhabi on December 12th  .

As both Chinese and Australian Grands Prix will have to be postponed again, risking to kiss the Formula 1 goodbye for the second year in a row, Italy will be the stage of two races. Monza has been confirmed in September and Imola has just be called in and the chosen date is on April 18th.

The Italian region had already provided an important amount of money to support this come back and it will be thrilling to see how the drivers and the teams will manage the comeback in a track for which they weren't prepared for and they know partially, as they have already raced there just another time. The difference will be that this time they have some datas and a memory to compare. Who will grab the second Imola's Grand Prix win this time?


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