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F1 | Sergio Perez vs Lance Stroll; performance comparison in qualifying and race

Racing Point had an excellent 2020 season as they managed to obtain a total of 4 podiums, including 1 win during the Sakhir Grand Prix. In this piece, we will compare Sergio Perez's and Lance Stroll's performances throughout the 2020 season.

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F1 | Sergio Perez vs Lance Stroll; performance comparison in qualifying and race
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The end of the 2020 season left really good results to compare the performance of the drivers and their teammates for next year. The Racing Point team was fighting extremely hard until the last Grand Prix to retain the third position in the constructors' championship, where McLaren managed to displace them.

In this team the difference between the two drivers was quite significant, where Sergio Perez was superior to his teammate, Lance Stroll, who at the beginning of the season gave indications that Perez would be a solid teammate for the 2021 season, but during the course of the championship he was falling from performance and by the end, Perez already surpassed him with 50 points despite the fact that he did not race in two GPs due to contracting coronavirus, in addition to having two retirements in the final stretch of the championship.



  • Qualifying

In the qualifying session, Sergio Perez outscored his teammate. The Mexican driver earned his pass to Q3 a total of 14 times, while the Canadian advanced 13 times. It must be noted that Lance Stroll achieved his very first pole position during the Turkish GP, while Checo did not achieve any pole positions. We have taken the time to calculate the average difference the two Renault drivers have in each qualifying session by comparing their lap times. With these data we can conclude that Sergio Perez is, on average, 0.042 seconds faster than Lance Stroll. The best position the Mexican managed to obtain in the qualifying sessions was third (3rd) place in one race (during the Turkish Grand Prix), Lance's best position was first (1st) place, also achieved on the same GP. Now, on average, the position that Sergio Perez gets in each qualifying session was 7th place, while the Canadian driver obtained an average position of 8.6, that is, 9th place. We attach a chart so that the understanding of this information is better.

Grand Prix Perez's Time Lap Perez's Position Stroll's Position Stroll's Time Lap Difference from Stroll to Perez
Austria 1:03.868 6 9 1:04.029 +0.161
Styria 1:21.607 17 13 1:19.645 -1.962
Hungary 1:14.545 4 3 1:14.377 -0.168
Great Britain Did Not Participate ---------- 6 1:25.839 ---------
70th Anniversary Did Not Participate ---------- 6 1:26.428 ---------
Spain 1:16.482 4 5 1:16.589 +0.107
Belgium 1:42.532 8 9 1:42.603 +0.071
Italy 1:19.720 4 8 1:20.049 +0.329
Toscany 1:16.311 6 7 1:16.356 +0.045
Russia 1:32.317 4 13 1:33.364 +1.047
Eifel 1:26.704 9 --------- Did Not Participate ---------
Portugal 1:17.223 5 12 1:17.626 +0.403
Imola 1:15.061 11 15 1:15.494 +0.433
Turkey 1:49.321 3 1 1:47.765 -1.556
Bahrain 1:28.322 5 13 1:29.557 +1.235
Abu Dhabi Did Not Set a Time 15 8 1:36.046 ---------
Average Qualifying Position   7th (7.0) 9th (8.6)    
Average Difference from Stroll to Perez         +0.042
  • Race

The Mexican driver had some very discoverable performances in addition to getting two podiums where the best result obtained was the first place in the Sakhir GP and in the Turkish GP where he got his ninth podium in his career, a second place. Lance Stroll was also on the podium twice and both times in third place, the last one was alongside his teammate.

 Next year, the Canadian driver will have Sebastian Vettel as his teammate since Racing Point will no longer exist, but Aston Martin will take its place. In the other side of the coin, Sergio Perez will race for Red Bull Racing where he will have a more difficult teammate, Verstappen, the second best in the world, where the challenge has been increased. Checo has the record of beating his teammate in points for 6 years, this time it will be much more difficult for the two drivers.

Grand Prix Sergio Perez's Position Lance Stroll's Position
Austria 6 DNF
Styria 6 7
Hungary 7 4
Great Britain Did Not Participate 9
70th Anniversary Did Not Participate 6
Spain 5 4
Belgium 10 9
Italy 10 3
Toscany 5 DNF
Russia 4 DNF
Eifel 4 Did Not Participate
Portugal 7 DNF
Imola 6 13
Turkey 2 9
Bahrain DNF DNF
Sakhir 1 3
Abu Dhabi DNF 10
Average Race Position 6th (5.6) 7th (7.0)
Victories 1 0
Podiums 2 2
DNFs 2 5
Points 125 (P4) 75 (P11)

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