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F 1| Jordan: “Hamilton wants more than Mercedes is prepared to pay ”

The Irishman and well-informed pundit, Eddie Jordan, reveals what's behind the delay of Lewis Hamilton's contract renewal. The matter would be pending due to economic discrepancy.

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F 1| Jordan: “Hamilton wants more than Mercedes is prepared to pay ”
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Days go by, but Lewis Hamilton's contract renewal with Mercedes is long in coming, even If Toto Wolff seems not to be concerned about what the outcome will be. A discussion that might recall what happened in 1993 with Senna and McLarenEddie Jordan, the well-informed manager, founder of the F1 team that took his name, said that he received from his reliable source's information about the negotiation of Lewis Hamilton contract.

“I have excellent sources that I can rely on, one hundred percent, and I have common sense. I am extremely well connected in the scene, I regularly talk to Bernie Ecclestone on the phone, among others" he stated to the F1-insider.com team, from Cape Town, South Africa.

During the years Eddie Jordan has often broken stories, such as Michael Schumacher's comeback at Mercedes in 2010, and was the first person in the British media in 2012 to break the news that Lewis Hamilton would take Michael Schumacher's seat at Mercedes.

According to his sources, Mercedes and Hamilton don’t agree on some “details” of the agreement: “All I’ve heard is that Lewis wants more than Mercedes is prepared to pay. I guess that’s also about stakes in team revenues and an influential role in the Mercedes group.” 

He continued addressing some harsh words to the 7 times world champion: “I would also tell him what Bernie Ecclestone said after Ayrton Senna died: even though Bernie was shocked and saddened like everyone, he was the first to regain his composure and tell us: ‘stop complaining now: everyone is replaceable’, Lewis should know that now too”.
Jordan has a lot of experience in the field and has very clear ideas about how he would react in front of those requests: “If I were the boss of Daimler, I would show him the door: Either you drive on our terms or you leave.”

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