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F1 | Steiner believes on a good day that Grosjean was “one of the best drivers out there”

Haas F1 team boss Gunther Steiner is of thought that French driver “didn’t get enough credit” throughout his 8 years of Formula and was ‘brave’ to sign with Haas F1 team

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F1 |  Steiner believes on a good day that Grosjean was “one of the best drivers out there”
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Romain Grosjean embarked his F1 journey back in 2008, when Renault signed him as a test driver, replacing the seat of Nelson Piquet Jr. who was promoted to a full-time F1 seat at Renault.

Amidst of Crashgate controversy in 2009, which forced Nelson Piquet Jr. to miss out European GP and races ahead, gave young French man a chance to showcase his talent at the premier class and three after meddling here and there got a proper chance in F1 at Lotus F1 Team.

Since then, Romain has been in F1 and given us some amazing racing performance and 2013 was the highlight of that where he scored multiple podiums and made his name in F1.

His four years stint at Lotus came to an end at the of 2015, when he signed a deal with the newcomer of F1 and Ferrari supported American team ‘Haas F1 Team’ and according to Gunther that deal was a brave decision from Romain Grosjean but the team also made sure to deliver what they promised.

“We were as prepared as I promised him when we spoke about it,” Steiner said.

“The difficult bit at that time was there were a few new teams which didn’t deliver, and he knew this could happen, but I explained to him how we are doing it differently. He believed in it and I think we delivered.”

Furthermore, Gunther was of view that Grosjean isn’t losing party of that deal he signed years ago, as the team tried their best to provide him with the best car with exceptions of 2019 and 2020 seasons, which according to Gunther can happen at any team.

“Obviously the [2020] season and [2019] were difficult for us, but you can have that in any race team. That had nothing to do with the team being new anymore, that was we got something wrong last year and this year with the pandemic we suffered more than anybody else.

“He was brave to do it and it didn’t work out badly for him.”

When motorsport.com journalist asked the Haas team boss whether or not did Grosjean get credit for his what he has done he told:

“Yes. He was for sure very fast. On a good day, Romain was one of the best ones out there.  

“But he sometimes pushed and tried too hard. Then you see those errors. He just went over the limit and then the errors come.”

Grosjean’s tenure of four years at Hass came to an end when Haas announced they will be replacing their both drivers at the end of 2021 but from Grosjean it came to an early end, when he had life threating crash at Bahrain, where he miraculously escaped.

When asked about Grosjean’s abilities Gunther Steiner was of thought that Grosjean has loads of talent but he gets over ambitious and puts his all effort to a futile ending.

  "There’s been some mistakes that he’s made that have been big, say the Baku one [in 2018], where he crashed under the safety car, “Gunther told.

“That got so much attention, but if you look at what position he was in when he crashed, that was unbelievable. I think it was fourth or something, in the Haas! Nobody ever talks about that. Had he not crashed under the safety car; he would have had an unbelievable result in that race.

“It takes away from what an absolutely amazing driver that he is. I think over the last years, him being in an uncompetitive car as well has just meant it’s been hard for him to really show.

“But then people have forgotten what he did back in 2012, 2013, those years where he was on the podium so many times. It’s only down to bad luck he didn’t win a race on quite a few occasions.

“That’s just how the world works at the moment. Certainly, from the inside, being his teammate, I admire him for the talent he is.”

Quotes courtesy: Motorsport.com

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