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F1 | Sergio Perez 'asks' for 5 races until he is able to compete against Verstappen

The Mexican driver, Sergio Perez, has commented that until the Monaco Grand Prix, he will be able to determine what Max's real speed is and, therefore, fight against him.

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F1 | Sergio Perez 'asks' for 5 races until he is able to compete against Verstappen
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Red Bull Racing is one of the teams that has had the most controversy regarding its drivers and the Austrian team will be the one that will have a lot of looks to eyes on the behaviour and performance of their drivers, that is, Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez. After not having a secured seat for this season, Sergio Perez managed to stand out thanks to his results in a mid-field team, including a victory in the Sakhir Grand Prix, Red Bull decided to sign him for the 2021 season, becoming the teammate of the well-known Dutch driver, Max Verstappen.

Checo has commented that he believes that Max is one of the strongest drivers on the entire Formula 1 grid and it will be a challenge to match his performance, however, the Mexican remains calm since he is confident in his skills he showed in a mid-field team and believes that, by the fifth race of the season, he will already be able to perceive what the real level of the Dutchman is. One of the biggest disadvantages on Checo's journey is that he will only have a day and a half to adapt to his car, since we have to remember that the pre-season tests will be cut to only three days in total. However, Checo remains positive and has stated that, for the Monaco Grand Prix, which is the fifth round of the season, he will already be fully adapted to his car and will be able to fight with his teammate.

"After five races I will be able to determine what Max's real speed is, but I am sure that he is a very fast and talented driver." The Mexican driver stated in an interview for the Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf”.



“I think Max is one of the fastest drivers, even the fastest in Formula 1 right now. He will be a great challenge and that's what makes it exciting.” Sergio Perez admitted.

As we have mentioned, a driver's teammate is his greatest point of comparison since they are both driving the same car and, if a result is possible in one, it is also possible in the other. Checo has confirmed this and has admitted that it will be a very close and interesting duel between him and Verstappen.

“You can only compare yourself when you're in the same car, so I'm looking forward to racing. I'll make sure I can get the most out of the car. " This is how his interview ended.

With all the skills that Pérez has, the Red Bull Racing duo is positioned as one of the strongest of this season, however, this will be demonstrated over the course of the year. If the Austrian team starts to score good amounts of points with both drivers from the start of the season, Red Bull would become a major threat to the reigning champions, namely Mercedes.

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