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F1 | Ferrari has set targets for Giovinazzi in 2021

Giovinazzi is headed to his third full season in Formula 1 with Alfa Romeo Racing and Ferrari has set clear targets for him in 2021.

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F1 | Ferrari has set targets for Giovinazzi in 2021
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For Giovinazzi 2019 was a year for learning finishing 17th in the drivers championship with 14 points and improving his form for the 2020 season finishing with 4 points in the championship matching his experienced teammate Kimi Raikkonen and out qualifying him 9 to 8.

In an interview with Motorsport.com, Alfa Romeo team boss Fred Vasseur said he hopes Giovinazzi can continue his upward trajectory in 2021 and become more of a team leader.

Giovinazzi said “For Ferrari it's quite clear, they want that I continue to progress [as] a driver and to get the results.”

“And from the other side I want to just again work really well with the team like we worked in together in these last two seasons, and for me I feel like family already [here] because it will be my third season.”

“It's nice to work again together, and with Kimi as well. Like this it would be just more easy to progress [as] a driver as well.”

2020 wasn't a great year for Alfa Romeo, with so many reliability problems with the Ferrari unit the team was only able to score 8 points during the season and finishing 8th in the Constructors Championship.

Giovinazzi added "Hopefully we have a better car and [it] be more easy to be in the points. Hopefully we can have a big improvement in terms of performance. And then also in terms of results.”

"I think in the end we did quite well - I always see the guys quite motivated.”

"Of course when you score points, it's always in the next race you feel that the motivation is much higher, but I cannot complain with my guys, with my team, because they always push quite hard and it's nice to see in this difficult season."

Alfa Romeo is set to unveil their 2021 car, the C41, on February 22.

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