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F1 | Domenicali is hopeful ahead of vote for an engine freeze

Stefano Domenicali has asked teams to back a proposed engine freeze till 2025 for the good of the sport, with Red Bull set to be able to run Honda engines if the resolution passes.

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F1 | Domenicali is hopeful ahead of vote for an engine freeze
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Red Bull Racing could be set to retain their supply of Honda engines for 2022 if the Formula 1 commission passes a regulation which will see engine development will be halted in 2022 in preparation for a new engine formula in 2025.

The Milton Keynes-based team is hopeful that they can take over Honda's engine programme after the Japanese manufacture announced it would pull out of Formula 1 at the end of 2021, however it was dependent on whether a development freeze was put in place.

However, the engine freeze had not been universally approved with Renault not keen to have an engine freeze as they had planned to release a new power unit for 2022.

New Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali is siding with an engine freeze for 2022 when speaking to Motorsport.com as he is keen to see teams save money so they can invest in a new power unit for 2025.

"For sure the anticipation early introduction of the freeze of the engine is a very important point."

"But I don't want to say only for Red Bull. It is for the entire F1 because, as you know today, the actual regulation and freezing is based on 2023."

"We want to anticipate the freeze because we want to save money to make sure that the manufacturers and teams can invest in the new engine. And on the one side, that is a priority for a lot of the manufacturers."

Domenicali and Red Bull, however, will seemingly get their wish as according to German publication Auto-Motor-und-Sport the engine freeze will be agreed in the FIA meeting on the matter on the 11th February with Red Bull now proceeding to take over the running of the Honda engines as part of its own inhouse engine programme.

The German website also wrote that Honda wanted to ensure that data and construction details were not passed on to third parties or future engine suppliers before agreeing this deal with Red Bull. 

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