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F1 | Vettel urges F1 to be ‘’cautious’’ of planning the season ahead

F1 is heading into second season with with triple headers, four times world champion thinks going into another hectic season F1 needs to take care of all the personnel.

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F1 | Vettel urges F1 to be ‘’cautious’’ of planning the season ahead
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Last year F1 finished the season with 17 races within the span of few months, at a year where at a point a single race running was looking impossible. But all due to the careful and smart planning of the governing body and the calendar making, F1 managed a competitive 17 races season.

In a year hit by Covid-19 pandemic managing year with even of the races to that of previous years was impossible but it was due to the But it was due to the fact that F1 managed to arrange triple headers, which saw three races back-to-back making it possible for all the races to be squeezed into the calendar.

But as F1 is making the same hectic calendar this year as well wit two triple headers making it overwhelming for the teams and their personals

Four times German world champion is of thought that F1 is making a mistake by forming calendar from example drawn from a season which was done under special circumstances.

World champion Sebastian Vettel thinks F1 needs be really careful in managing its staff and Personnel as garage crew members and logistics are at the sharp end of the stick and for drivers its only increase in some hours of driving but for crew and other people its more than that.

''We have the biggest calendar ahead, ever, and I am not sure yet how we approach this year,” said Vettel to GPFans. “I think we should definitely make sure that we take care of all the people involved.

“Drivers are sitting on the lucky end. Obviously, the demands are very high at times but, just in terms of hours, I think there are a lot of people who put in more hours than us over a weekend.’’

As F1 is heading into a year with triple headers it needs to learn a lot from its last year’s campaign and manage accordingly.

F1 will see its longest season ever with 23 races Includes six races in seven weeks making it possible for the season to have 11 races in 19 weeks ahead of summer break and 12 races in 16 weeks as the season resume and ends.

"So I hope and wish we learn from last year and not just be happy to proceed and do the same thing because I think it’s been quite demanding on a lot of individuals, their families and so on."

Obviously, it was great to have a season at all given the situation,” added Vettel,

“But I think all things considered we need to be very cautious of the planning going ahead this year.”

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