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F1 | "To use less fuel": Mika Salo has revealed details about the FIA-Ferrari "secret" pact

After a polemic pact between Ferrari and the FIA due to some irregularities on the Italian power unit, Mika Salo has revealed that the penalty imposed to all Ferrari-powered teams since they were imposed to use less fuel than their competitors.

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F1 | "To use less fuel": Mika Salo has revealed details about the FIA-Ferrari "secret" pact
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Ferrari's 2019 season was the last in which they had decent results as they managed to clinch second place in the constructors' championship, however 2020 was an extremely difficult challenge for the Italians. Ferrari currently supplies engines to a total of 3 teams, including themselves, we are talking about Alfa Romeo and Haas and these two teams also suffered last year. First of all, we have to remember that already at the end of the 2019 season, the FIA ​​opened an investigation into the Italian team and its power unit due to irregularities that other teams had noticed (Red Bull Racing was the first team to formally protest), furthermore that its engine was categorized as the most powerful in the category at the time. At the end of the year, the Federation announced a “secret” pact that it had made with the Maranello team since the FIA ​​had determined that its engine was neither legal nor illegal, the other teams were against this decision and with the lack of information found in the investigation, but it did not escalate. In 2020 and sporadically, Ferrari's power unit (in the 3 teams supplied by the Italians) had fallen in terms of performance, becoming one of the least powerful on the grid. Yesterday, Mika Salo, who was a driver in the category and currently serves as a steward of the FIA, revealed the details that were in that pact between the Federation and Ferrari.

The Italian team, by breaking the regulations with its engine, suffered a penalty imposed by the International Automobile Federation but it was not very common. It is about forcing Ferrari, Alfa Romeo and Haas to use less fuel than the rest of the competitors throughout the 2020 season. Mika Salo initially commented that Alfa Romeo was not allowed to use the same level of gasoline as its competitors because of the infraction committed by Ferrari in 2019.



"The [Alfa Romeo] team has suffered from Ferrari's wrongdoing in 2019." Salo commented on a live stream on his Twitch channel. "They have been forced to use less fuel so Alfa Romeo may be in a good position if they can perform at their best in the race this season."

“I don't know if they will have a new engine for 2021. But at least Alfa Romeo will allow it to get all the power. They weren't allowed last year because of Ferrari. " The FIA ​​steward affirmed.

This issue has a high possibility of bringing a lot of controversy to the world of motorsport, since being a confidential pact between Ferrari with the Federation, the teams did not communicate to their sponsors why they were going to have or were having a bad season, which was caused by the infringement of Ferrari in 2019. Another question that comes up to the topic of conversation is whether Mika Salo will continue to be part of the group of FIA stewards since this issue has great sensitivity and level of confidentiality, if it was a mistake due to its part, the FIA ​​will take action."

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