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F1 | Binotto affirms their SF21 has recovered quite a lot of speed

After a very challenging 2020 season, Ferrari's team principal has affirmed that the SF21 will have quite more speed than what the SF1000 had.

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F1 | Binotto affirms their SF21 has recovered quite a lot of speed
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Ferrari is one of the most prestigious and powerful teams in the world of Formula 1, however, the 2020 season was not a good one for the Italian team. Having finished second in the constructors’ championship in 2019, 2020 was a completely different year for them as they barely managed a total of 3 podiums and an unfortunate sixth place in the constructors' championship, even being beaten by McLaren, Renault and Racing Point. The power unit seemed to be the main problem, an extremely poor performance compared to last season, which meant that the car was not up to defending that second place, so much so that mid-field teams ended up being superior to the Italians. Mattia Binotto, who serves as Ferrari’s team principal, has commented that this season, their car will perform much better than last season, giving hope to fight again with the leading teams, such as Mercedes and Red Bull.

"I think last year, the main problem was top speed, not just power, but drag." The Italian assured. "We have worked a lot, both on the power unit and on the aerodynamics of the car to reduce drag."

It is well known that Formula 1 has decided to leave a large part of the technical regulations of last season in this one, that is why many teams used the same “sketch” of the 2020 car and only adapted it in those small changes that have taken place. Something from which we can see it are the names of the cars, that is, the 2020 Red Bull was called RB16, the 2021 one is called RB16B. Another example is the McLaren, the one for 2020 was called the MCL35, while the one for this season is called the MCL35M, this last letter was added thanks to the fact that Mercedes will supply them their power units from now on. In the case of Ferrari, Binotto has stated that, despite having almost the same car, the Italians have addressed the main weaknesses that their SF1000 had (name of last year's car), so he expects a great improvement in terms of performance.



"Based on our simulations today, based on what we can see in terms of power output from the dynamometers and the resistance of the car from the wind tunnel, I think we recovered quite a bit of speed on the straights." Binotto commented.

“I hope speed is not an issue like it was before, hopefully we can be competitive, but we will only know that in Bahrain. It is always relative to what others do. "

"We think our car is certainly more efficient compared to the one we had last year, and when I say efficient, it is again both from an aerodynamic point of view and from a power point of view." The team principal affirmed.

“I think it's important for us that [both drivers] do their best, because the sum of the points of the two drivers is key for the constructors' championship at the end of the season. I hope Carlos will be very fast and competitive this season, as I know that Charles will be, as he was in the past. "

Many teams have already started to reveal their cars with which they will compete this year, however Ferrari will present its SF21 until March 10. There are many questions that are presented in the Italian team, the most important will be if they will be able to fight again for podiums and victories so that they can regain their second place at least in the constructors' championship.

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