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F1 | Ferrari embraces Sprint Race proposal

Scuderia Ferrari team principal, Mattia Binotto, says that the sprint race on saturday will be a great opportunity for more spectacle and, eventually, for unpredictable races.

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F1 | Ferrari embraces Sprint Race proposal
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The proposal to introduce a Sprint Race, of about 100 km, on Formula 1 weekends, discussed by the F1 Commission, the FIA representatives, Liberty Media and the teams, has divided not just the decision makers, but also the fans.

According to this new modality, similar to the regulation in force in the minor formulas, the "sprint race" would take place on Saturday and the result would define the starting grid on Sunday.

It is, of course, still a proposal that has to be voted on to become effective, with the positive opinion of 26 of the 30 representatives of the F1 Commission. Another thing to underline is that if it'll be approved, it would still be a "test" for just three GPs: the Canadian Grand Prix, the Italian and Brazilian ones.

In these races there would be a different overall score, since the sprint race would assign further points valid for the championship standings. This is one of the aspects currently under discussion.

On this topic, Ferrari has expressed its concordance, stating that it would be a great opportunity having less predictable races .
During the 2021 Ferrari team launch, that took place last friday, involving actively fans from all over the world, Mattia Binotto answered some questions saying:

“We're very engaged in the discussions with Formula 1 and the FIA, we believe that changing for more spectacle and, eventually, for unpredictable races will be great".

“The discussion is ongoing, at the moment it seems to be promising for a good outcome but we still need to look at the details. Details will make the difference, so I think the team work has to continue and hopefully we’ll find a good solution” the Italian engineer and team principal added.

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz also gave their opinion on this matter.

“On my side, from a driver’s perspective, I think it’s quite interesting, I think it should be tried, at least. Then we need to understand how all of this will work, with the points, among other things."

"I think the most important thing is that the Sunday race remains the main race and that its value doesn’t go down" the 23 year-old monegasque said.

“This is the main point on my side. It might be, at least, interesting to try it, to have shorter races where we can attack more, so I’ll be happy to try it" he added.

The former McLaren driver added: “I think that until we try it, we don’t know. I think it’s one of those things that until you get a fresh go at it, you’ll never know exactly how it goes".

“For me it’s super important that the main race doesn’t lose value. I think there’s the danger that sometimes there can be two winners in a grand prix weekend and we need to make sure that there’s only one winner from what we’ll end up doing with the double race" the spaniard said.

“For the rest, I think if there’s any year where we should try it, it’s 2021, looking at the future ahead, it could be a good opportunity to try these things and see how it goes”.

Liberty Media has expressed its willingness to test some ideas on the field, during a season that won't present huge technical innovations, as what will happen in 2022.

The assessments that will be made after these three race weekends will determine a possible confirmation of the new format, starting from next year.

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