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F1 | The target for the 2021 Season is to improve his Quali pace, says Latifi.

Ahead of the new season Williams’ Canadian driver Nicholas Latifi feels “more confident” and is set on improving qualifying pace, in what will be his second season in F1.

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F1 |  The target for the 2021 Season is to improve his Quali pace, says Latifi.
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The winter break is finally coming to an end and Nicholas Latifi is “very excited for the season ahead”.

“Obviously, lots of preparation’s going on behind the scenes,” the Canadian told selected media yesterday.

“A lot of physical training, a lot of preparation at the factory just getting all those little details down, but I really just can’t wait to hit the track in Bahrain.”

Even though he got a first run in the FW34B during a filming day,  it was “a bit difficult to get a taste of the car in the tricky conditions.”

“To pick out some of the key differences between the 2020 car and the 2021 car, I think from a handling point of view it’s a bit too early to tell just by the fact it was raining.” explained Latifi.

“Visually, there are some differences, but I’ll leave that to the viewers to try and point them out.”

The 25 year old is well aware there is still some work to do, but he doesn’t seem too worried about it.

“There will be some adaptations needed both from a driving point of view and an engineering point of view.”

"Luckily, everyone is kind of in the same boat with the regulations. We had to follow the narrow regulations and whatnot. So yeah, I think everyone's gonna be looking to recuperate what was taken away from the car".

"I've definitely set myself some personal goals and objectives for the new season", he shared.

In his rookie year the Canadian was outqualified by teammate George Russell in all their races together, so this season he is looking forward to improving his Saturday performances. Latifi did outqualify Jack Aitken at the Sakhir Grand Prix when Russell drove for Mercedes in the absence of Lewis Hamilton. 

“I think first and foremost, just having some kind of progress, based off last year, the biggest area for me that I really wanted to try and make an improvement on was qualifying - it was kind of my weakness.”

"I think I'm just looking to have the natural progressions that will come with the experience, but if I could really dial in my Saturdays, it's just gonna make Sunday so much easier", he concluded.

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