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F1 | Russell: 'The racing in F1 needs to improve...just be patient'

George Russell has shared his thoughts on any modifications to the race weekend format

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F1 | Russell: 'The racing in F1 needs to improve...just be patient'
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It is known that Formula 1 teams are considering whether any World Championship points should be awarded for three sprint races supposedly titled ‘Super Qualifying’. If approved, these new events are scheduled for the Saturdays of the Canadian, Italian and Brazilian Grand Prix weekends. As published on racefans.net, George Russell has asked for F1 to be patient stating that new regulations in 2022 will deliver better racing and potentially eliminate the need for any changes to the weekend format.

Williams Racing is a classic Formula One team with a rich pedigree but recent years have seen it stuck at the back of the grid. Nevertheless, George Russell certainly has the talent to take the Grove-based manufacturer further forward provided he has a machine beneath him enabling him to do so. Qualifying on Saturday has always been a strength of Russell’s so what were his thoughts on the proposed ‘Super Qualifying’ events? Racefans.net published his comments on this very question.

“I don’t know if you guys have any more info, I’ve not really heard what the ideas for the sprint race are and how the formats would work,” Russell said. “I think the idea of mixing the weekend up a little bit can be interesting,”

Even so, George Russell also explained that he believes modifications to the cars would see a much bigger impact than modifications to the format.

“Ultimately, the racing in Formula 1 needs to improve and I think that will improve in 2022 when the car and the technical regulations basically allow the drivers to fight,” Russell stated. “So we could just be patient.”


On the other hand, George Russell’s teammate, Nicholas Latifi, chose a different response by stating that he was “open to the idea” of the proposals seeing how the format has stayed the same for so long.

“The weekend format of Formula 1 has been largely unchanged for quite a long time now,” said Latifi, “As George mentioned, the way it was in Imola, the new structure, I did enjoy quite a bit, the change was kind of refreshing.”

A refreshing change is good and surely encouraged by neutral fans of the sport but Nicholas Latifi warned that the sport should not push the envelope too far as ‘gimmicks’ are not the answer but new opportunities could be.

“As long as it doesn’t, from personal point of view, create any unnecessary gimmicks, false racing, I think that’s the main thing. Formula 1 has to remain true to what it is which is obviously the outright development and the best technology, best cars, the best drivers winning. So as long as that stays the same, if there is a few changes to the format here and there, I’m completely for it.

“It could create more opportunities as well which, again, for the position we might be in this year, might be welcome. Then, as George mentioned, looking ahead to next year, I think the regulations will, if they do what they’re supposed to do, hopefully… create a bit more excitement.”

Time will tell as to what changes may eventually come to the fore. However, as has already been demonstrated at Williams, teammates already have different opinions. Some fans will probably embrace change and some may long for the past but what almost seems certain is – changes are coming.

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