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F1 | If Norris finishes lower than Ricciardo in the championship, he will not use Daniel's experience as an "excuse"

Lando Norris has admitted that the internal battle in McLaren is very exciting and if he comes out as the "loser", the British driver will not use Danny Ric's experience as an "excuse".

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F1 | If Norris finishes lower than Ricciardo in the championship, he will not use Daniel's experience as an "excuse"
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McLaren is one of the teams whose pair of drivers is one of the best that exist on the starting grid this year. It consists of Lando Norris, who will start his third full season in motorsport's top category, while Daniel Ricciardo has decided to leave Renault to start this stage of his career as Norris' teammate on the McLaren team. Despite all the trajectory that the Australian driver has had in the category, Lando Norris does not seem to be going to leave him a clear path since, in just 2 years, he has obtained great knowledge of F1, but especially of his team. The British driver has commented that if he is a "loser" in the internal battle at McLaren against his teammate, Lando will not use Danny Ric's experience as an "excuse".

Carlos Sainz had a difference of 5 years to Lando, now that Ricciardo joins as his teammate, the age and generation difference between these two drivers is even greater, giving a total of 10 years of difference, Lando with 21 and Daniel with 31. Despite this, Lando has obtained great knowledge and was in most of the races at the same pace of the Spanish driver, now a Ferrari driver, Carlos Sainz. These were some of the statements made by the 21-year-old British driver regarding the internal fight that takes place at McLaren.

“I don’t think him [Ricciardo] not being with the team [previously] makes any difference. I don’t want to use his 11 years of experience as an excuse to say that’s why he might have beaten me.” He affirmed.



“We’ll see. I think it will be a fierce battle between us. I’m excited for the teammate rivalry we’ll have, which will obviously be a good one, but he’s still a guy I can learn from.”

As we can hear, Lando is staying positive for having such an experienced teammate as Daniel Ricciardo can be. We have to remember that this will be the eleventh season for the Australian driver, having a total of 7 victories in his record.

“That won’t change race results or how we both go racing. We are both still learning every day and improving our driving and that’s what I’m excited for. I’ve got targets I’m setting myself now, but nothing as a whole objective. I’m making sure I’m ready in certain areas but in saying which ones I want to improve, I think I will wait until pre-season comes along.”

“I was much happier with how last year went in terms of my races. There were no outstanding problems, which there were after year one, so I’m happy I improved in those certain areas but there are always little things you want to improve on.” That’s how he finished his interview with Sky Sports F1.

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