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F1 | Sprint races plan meets cost cap issues

F1 exponents are still divided on Sprint races, a fresh format that would affects costs

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F1 | Sprint races plan meets cost cap issues
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The Circus is divided on Sprint Races issues since the first moment they were quoted and even if they were set to be done as a trial for three extra Grands Prix in the 2021 season, this format does not fully convince everyone.

Sprint races are a heritage of F2, where drivers get ready for two races instead of the normal F1 format of Qualifying-Race. This idea was born with a noble intent, indeed, that of refreshing the musty habitat in Formula 1’s paddocks.

On the other hand, if you have an idea, you have to face several problems to solve to make it real. The first plan was to organize a sort of “free trial” of it. The drivers are to face Sprint Races on three occasions, in Silverstone, Monza and Interlagos ahead of a regular qualifying session to be held on Friday.

On these occasions, the Sprint Race should bring with it 100 km of a race to decide the grid on Sunday’s main event and it would bring some points too. The winner would have three points, the second two and the third would get one point. What’s the issue then?

Sprint races would add extra costs to a Formula who is trying hard to reduce them. Another race would increase widely the possibility of damage in a race weekend and – multiplied many times in a season – it would require more parts needed by the teams, with a consequent financial demand for the teams.

Watching at this new format with all the teams’ eyes, the trial seems a great idea, though, as it received wide support. Even Mercedes’ team principal Toto Wolff – who was contrary on the first stand – changed his mind and expressed a positive opinion on 2021 trials.

Think we should give it a go and then be really honest to ourselves,-Wolff said in Bahrain last weekend. - What was the financial impact and the impact on the eyeballs that we were able to generate, and what is the show factor? As Christian [Horner] said, there are many pros and cons.- the Austrian states - If we all stick our heads together, then we can find a solution that is of mutual benefit. F1 is what we do altogether, and we need to entertain the people.”

Formula 1 will go on together, indeed, as they will be called to decide on Sprint Races during this month.


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