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F1 | Vettel about the main areas to work in adapting to new AMR21

Sebastian Vettel talked about the main areas where he feels specific work has to be done in order to adapt to the new Aston Martin environment, according to an article posted by Autosport.

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F1 | Vettel about the main areas to work in adapting to new AMR21
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This season is not the first one Sebastian Vettel experiences in terms of getting to know a totally new scene inside the paddock. Aston Martin became the fifth team the German driver has driven for during his Formula One career and with just a few days left for the beginning of the new season, Vettel spoke about the feelings in his new Silverstone-based team.

“It's just getting to know the people, as it's one thing to understand what they mean, obviously, and lots of different things to talk about the car.”

Vettel faced problems during two of his three winter testing sessions, doing a total of 9 laps during Saturday due to a gearbox problem on the car and finally finishing early his Sunday abandoning because of a loss of boost pressure. He has emphasized then that another 100 laps up in the car would have been useful.

“On the car, the steering feels different, because it's a different unit. Obviously every F1 car has power steering, but every power steering is set-up slightly differently, and it gives you a different impression because ultimately, when you drive, you have the wheel in your hands and that's the feedback you get." Vettel said to Autosport.

“The car has a different philosophy. It's a different team; it's a different car so it drives a bit differently. It wants to be driven differently, and with a different power unit.”

“Without going into detail, because I don't think it's fair to compare in public, but naturally these things are different and take a bit of getting used to.”

Vettel concluded by talking about how the process of adapting has been more than just getting in sync with the engine or steering, it’s a bunch of new things that accumulate into his comfort when it goes to driving.

“It's a different environment inside the car as well, just in terms of the comfort. The pedals are feeling a bit different and the seat is a little bit different. So it’s small stuff, but it's the cumulative effect of all those things put together.”

“It's been very interesting to me, let's put it that way. It's not like there's only one thing. It's not like you have a high rake car and you just drop the rake and you are in a Mercedes, and you are in a Mercedes and you increase the rake and you drive a Red Bull. It's not like that. It's much, much more complex. There's a lot more elements that have to come together.”

Sebastian Vettel will be driving again the Aston Martin a week exactly from today during the Free Practice for the season starter Bahrain Grand Prix in Sakhir.


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