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F1 | Damon Hill believes a competitive Aston Martin could bring back the best of Vettel

Damon Hill thinks Sebastian Vettel could be back to his best in 2021, subject to his new Aston Martin team proving to be competitive.

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F1 | Damon Hill believes  a competitive Aston Martin could bring back the best of Vettel
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When Sebastian Vettel joined the Scuderia Ferrari in 2015, it looked like the most promising partnership since the Schumacher era. He was, back then, the most decorated driver on the grid, about to race under the flag of the most decorated team in the sport. 

If the first years looked like a honeymoon, the relationship between Vettel and the italian stable gradually deteriorated, to the point that in 2020, Ferrari announced they wouldn't be renewing Vettel’s contract, while extending the one of Charles Leclerc for five years. An unprecedented length for any Ferrari driver.

That vote of disconfidence ultimately led to Vettel’s less fruitful season. The man from Heppenheim recorded his worst results since 2008, scoring only a podium at the turkish Grand Prix.

Contemplating the reasons that made the Vettel-Ferrari partnership an unsuccessful one, Damon Hill theorized that the too political environment that prevails at Ferrari has certainly had an impact on Vettel’s level of confidence, thus his driving.

"I think that sometimes with Ferrari, it looked like he [Vettel] was destabilised," Damon Hill said on Sky Sports F1.

"I think there was political stuff that maybe knocked his confidence and you don't need your confidence knocked to have that affect your driving."

The pundit however acknowledged the great performances produced by the four-times world champion, despite dropping the ball from time to time. 

"There were a couple of dropped balls but, then again, there were also some great performances as well".

For Hill, being back in an environment that allows him to fight for podiums and wins will bring back the best of Vettel.

"So it's still there with Sebastian Vettel and I think that if he gets a whiff of being able to be competitive and go for podiums, then I think you'll see the best of Sebastian."

The former driver nonetheless expressed a concern about Vettel’s confidence, and hopes the German champion rebuilds his confidence with the season to start in a week's time.

"I hope he's had a chance to rebuild his confidence and I sometimes look at him and think he doesn't look like he's really sure he should be there" Hill continued.

"And that's that's a bit of a worry."


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