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F1 | Lewis Hamilton concerned about his future, far from the track

The World’s most winning driver is thinking about what happens far from the Circus, curious for his future life

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F1 | Lewis Hamilton concerned about his future, far from the track
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What happens when the Circus’ light turn down and your wins become only a memory, doomed to grow yellow and dusty under the passing of time?

Lewis Hamilton is beginning to think about it. The Briton is currently chasing his eighth World title, which will lift him up to the F1 Olympus of the most winning driver ever. With that in mind, it maybe comes natural to him, as a 36-year-old man, to think about how his life will be far from Formula 1. The Briton is very well known for his activism and passion for both fashion and music, so it is sure that he will not get bored after he will hang his helmet on.

Nevertheless, this moment sounds perfect for Lewis to think about his life and his future when he will stop racing. It will be hard for him, considering he is spending his whole life in his single-seater, creating a connection with it.

“You do become one with the car - Hamilton says, although he also would like to riding a bull, or piloting a fighter jet with wheels. - Not that I’ve ridden a bull, but I imagine it’s a little bit like that. The car doesn’t want to do some of the things you want it to do.”

“I had this strength that I didn’t even know that I had, and the growth that I would experience through these races of being able to put my elbows out, stand up, not be pushed over and bullied, was really empowering” - he remembers, while looking back at the beginning of his career. Back then, Lewis Hamilton was a poor, shy kid bullied at school and fighting against an undiagnosed dyslexia.

“I think what makes me the driver I am today, yes it’s the ability, but I would say it’s the hunger,- the Briton remembers - I’m so grateful for it, man. If we didn’t have that struggle I couldn’t drive the way I do today.”

Behind these words, you can still spot that shy kid, smiling proudly from the top of the world, who didn’t forgot where he comes from and the hardships he endured. When the confident mask falls off, with his diamond rings, tattoos and luxurious lifestyle, he takes care about the others too, he fights for black people, but also for poor people and all the discriminated, human and animals. He has all that it takes to be a champion in real life as well, far from champagne showers but near to the heart of people. Just like his tattoo quotes: “ Still I Rise”, but, this time, in humanity.


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