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F1 | Williams won’t “take compromises on the 2022 car because of the 2021 car” says Capito

Williams CEO Capito explained Williams is concentrating the focus more on next year’s car instead of the current one in hopes of making a significant improvement in the 2022 season.

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F1 | Williams won’t “take compromises on the 2022 car because of the 2021 car” says Capito
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There is no denying it’s been a tough few years for what has been one of the most iconic teams in Formula 1 history. 

Williams’ ownership changed during the 2020 season, after financial shortages forced Sir Frank’s family to sell the team to U.S. based Dorilton Capital. 

After finishing last in the Constructor Championship for the second year in a row, they are now planning for the 2022 season.

“It is a transitional season ‘21 and we are really focusing on the ‘22 car,” CEO Jost Capito told motorsport.com.

“We are not going to take compromises on the ’22 car because of the ’21 car.”

The development on the current car, the FW43B, won’t be completely arrested, but it will be put in the background as the new car will be given absolute priority.

“There is not so much more we can do on the ’21 car. We will fight through the season, and we will push. We know where the car is and we will of course do further development but what can be done without compromising the ’22 car.”

The decision obviously aims at making the most of the regulation changes that will be in place for 2022.

“We really need a significant step in '22 with the new regulation and with a new car,” he explained. “So that is where we are aiming at.”

Hence for Williams the current season is more a matter of further understanding the car.

“That means for '21 we will still fight, and want to make the best out of it. But we are not measuring the success in points or in positions. We try to understand the car more.”

“Of course we do some smaller developments when we know something is wrong, or we can improve. Of course, we will do that, but we will not be sacrificing on the '22 car.”

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