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F1 | Formula 1 sets out plans for radically different 2025 cars

Formula 1 has hinted at what may well be the look of the 2025 cars which will possibly include a radically different aero package.

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F1 | Formula 1 sets out plans for radically different 2025 cars
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The FIA and Formula 1 have put a new aero package on top of their list for the sport's new rule changes in 2025 whilst continuing their pledge to be more sustainable by moving away from fossil fuels.

The sport's new regulations, which were delayed till 2022 after the Coronavirus pandemic, is set to become Formula 1's biggest technical revolution since the hybrid era was introduced in 2014, with all-wheel drive, active aerodynamics and sustainable fuels set to be the three most significant changes for 2025.

Formula 1's chief technical officer Pat Symmonds has also revealed to Racefans.net that the car's weight will be reduced to prepare the new fuels, as Symmonds hopes to retain current car performance levels whilst cutting fuel consumption.

“When I set out what we want to do with this car, I said, if you go right to the top level, I want the same performance from the car, and I want to use two-thirds of the fuel, I want the same speed, I want roughly the same lap time, I want roughly the same acceleration, I want roughly the same braking capability, and I want roughly the same cornering capability.”

However, the FIA has had numerous challenges in producing the new regulations as the FIA tries to manage costs that are sustainable whilst promoting cleaner fuels and better overall efficiency.

The FIA's technical director for engines Gilles Simon explained the challenge ahead.

“From the technology side, we face many challenges because we need to ensure better efficiency and reduce pollutants, so we need to evolve. We need to switch to sustainable fuels and promote new technologies, but we also have to consider costs. This is an important factor because we want to attract new manufacturers, and to do that we need to keep investment within reasonable limits.”

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