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F1 | 2021 championship is "Red Bull's to lose and Mercedes' to win" says Toto Wolff

Speaking to Motorsport.com, Mercedes' Team Principal spoke about his feelings on 2021 F1' season competitiveness after the first round of the calendar.

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F1 | 2021 championship is "Red Bull's to lose and Mercedes' to win" says Toto Wolff
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The 2021 season began and with it, we were accompanied by a first date in Bahrain full of emotions with a fight for the top that remained until the last laps, and with it, a hopeful illusion of being able to witness the same competition throughout the year for both the driver's and constructor's championships.

The weekend that had Max Verstappen storming the time-table for the first position in the three free practice sessions, the pole position on Saturday, and the second place on the podium on Sunday is already alerting Mercedes with alarms that scream that they are being outperformed, and so on the fact was accepted by Team Principal Toto Wolff.

“It's theirs to lose, ours to win, because when you have the quickest car, you have got to deliver on that.”

 “We have to catch up. We have to deploy our A-game and find more performance. But strictly speaking, we are second best on the road.”

Toto Wolff took the opportunity to clarify a misunderstanding of his statements about one of his colleagues, -Zak Brown-, when asked what he thought about the McLaren boss assuring that the Austrian would easily change his driver’s lineup if it was the necessary situation at Mercedes. Within a generic English translation, Wolff was quoted as saying: “Brown is like Christian Horner. They just spread shit. I don't care."

“I said, ‘they give each other shit a lot’, and the way it was quoted is ‘they talk shit', which is not quite the same. Zak is a big part of the Mercedes family and a friend. With all the banter that we have between us, it's not something that I would accuse him of.”

Wolff concluded by saying that the new threat of defiance and cut-throat sporting competition shown in Bahrain does nothing more than motivating the World Champion team, in what appears to be a straight challenge from Max Verstappen and Red Bull to Mercedes.

“In a way there is a feeling within the team that we very much enjoy the new circumstances. And it’s that, on paper, Red Bull is ahead with maybe all of their package. Wolff said according to Motorsport.com.

“The fun factor of us being in the hunt is very enjoyable, because it is it is a new situation, and we embrace this opportunity.”

 “That hasn't been the case since 2013. And I loved 2013. I've said it in the team that I feel like the same pump as when I first joined. And it was Red Bull domination then: they were just going to win the fourth championship.”

Hopefully, neither of the competitors will lag behind their performance and will continue to show spectacle, in what is definitely a promising beginning to the 2021 season.

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