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Alpine's new Racing Director on why he left Suzuki and joined Alpine: "the challenge attracted me"

Alpine's new Racing Director said that "the desire to get in deeper in the sport and try to understand it as much as possible" attracted him to join Alpine's new project. He stated that he's happy with the line-up because "Ocon is young and very promising for the future", while Alonso "has his own experience, ideas and thinking".

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Alpine's new Racing Director on why he left Suzuki and joined Alpine: "the challenge attracted me"
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Davide Brivio, the Italian who's worked in the MotoGP paddock for more than 20 years and has been involved with Suzuki since 2013, was the team manager of the racing team when he embarked on the new MotoGP project, playing a key role in the rise of the team, crowned with Joan Mir's victory of the world championship title in 2020.

This year he decided to face a new challenge in his professional life, taking over from Cyril Abiteboul, General Manager at Renault since 2014.
It was the taste of the challenge that the Alpine presented to him, a total revolution starting from the organizational departments of the team, that convinced him to leave Suzuki and immerse himself in the world of four wheels.

“The challenge attracted me” said Brivio to F1 microphones in Bahrain.

“I was always interested in trying to understand how F1 works, how the team manages the operation and how they build the car so it was the desire to get in deeper in the sport and try to understand it as much as possible"

"It’s been very interesting so far, so many things to discover and to get used to it. I hope soon, I’ll be able to give my contribution and my help” he added.

He expressed himself also on the "new generation" theme, speaking about the numerous talented young drivers that are currently driving in the minor formulas:

“It’s something very nice I like, very romantic” said Brivio of giving young drivers a chance in Formula 1.

“It depends on the situation at the team where you are. [at Suzuki], we were in a position where we needed to find a top rider in order to compete with the top riders at the time. You then must decide whether you try to steal someone away and pay a lot of money for them or you find them and grow them yourself. We chose the second way"

“We’re not in this situation right now [at Alpine], as we have Esteban [Ocon] who is young and very promising for the future, and Fernando, who is not that young but is very talented – and we really need that - so we are in a good situation right now"

“Let’s see what happens in the coming years. Of course, we have our academy, there are three guys currently in F2 who are promising, So we need to keep an eye on and work on that. Let’s see how the situation evolves." the Racing Director stated.

Brivio, also thinks, that experience is important in a sport like F1, and that Fernando Alonso will be able to bring great improvements to the team, with his two world titles, his determination, wisdom and maturity:

Fernando has a lot of experience, he’s not a young kid” - said Brivio“He already has his own experience, ideas and thinking. He’s very talented, very demanding on himself first of all, and I think it will be good for the team to work with a successful driver"

“When top drivers join a team, it creates pressure on the staff. You have pressure because you have to deliver, you have to provide a good package in order for a driver to use his talent. His arrival is very good for the team, it stimulates everyone to push harder.” he concluded.

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