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F1 | FIA with possible hydrogen announcement aiming at 'zero emissions'

FIA's president Jean Todt talked with Autosport about the journey motorsport is developing and should follow in order to be environmentally friendly, and hinted at new propositions to work on during the next years.

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F1 | FIA with possible hydrogen announcement aiming at 'zero emissions'
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Last weekend the Rome E-Prix event of the Formula E championship took place, and Jean Todt took the chance and made an appearance in Italy to see Rounds 3 and 4 of season seven in the series.

Taking advantage of the FIA president's visit to the sustainable-competition category, the media asked him about the future of motorsport in terms of different options to cut carbon emissions sometime in the next years.

Asked if electric regulations would be the definite journey into a no-carbon future, Todt said: "Not entirely, but all motorsport must become zero-emission.

"If that's not with electrification, then it can be through fuels.”

He assures that the Federation has not stood idly by the issue, but there is still a long way to go to make this a reality.

“We were pioneers with the hybrid power unit in Formula 1, and we have Formula E, but the same must also happen in rallies and in touring car championships. No categories will be able to escape this common destiny."

"It's a very interesting development of technology," Todt told Autosport, talking about hydrogen power.

"Many are working on it and the FIA will give its contribution. We are doing a lot of tests in our laboratories and will soon make an announcement concerning hydrogen."

With drivers like Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel being so vocal about the environment and the constant evolution of the worldly media on global warming, the FIA cannot look away now. If Todt assures that the authorities are working on something, all that is left is to wait.

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