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F1 | Brundle urges Formula 1 to trim race calendar

Martin Brundle has called on Formula 1 to cut the number of races on its calendar as the sport looks to increase the number of Grand Prix that takes place every year.

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F1 | Brundle urges Formula 1 to trim race calendar
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Former Grand Prix driver Martin Brundle has expressed that Formula 1 has too many races every year, saying that the sport should cut its calendar to 20 Grand Prix's a year.

With 2021's calendar set to be the longest in the sport's 70-year history, which includes two triple headers, Brundle now believes that there are too many races and that the series should cut its calendar to twenty in order not to burn out team personnel during an interview with In The Fast Lane.

"It feels to me like 18 races is a really good number, 20 maximum, but then we did 17 and 23 weeks last year, but they were all in Europe and the Middle East because what kills us is flip-flopping across the world, from South America to Japan or whatever and the jetlag, and the long haul. So it's not comparing apples with apples in that respect; personally, I think it's plenty at 23 there is fatigue, there is a certain amount of leaning in towards the end of the season."

Brundle also believes that 25 Grand Prix's would see Formula 1 suffer the same fate as NASCAR who have struggled to keep fans and spectators at races before the Coronavirus pandemic hit last March.

"I just think it's a financial aspect, to be honest, Liberty Media needs to keep raising the numbers; I believe it's too many races. Bernie Ecclestone used to say to me, 'look how many football matches there are, 'and I said to Bernie, 'but that's tribal', If you follow Manchester United, you follow Manchester United. I don't think Formula 1 is quite as tribal as that."

"Look at NASCAR, think they have burned out NASCAR, and they're trailing now in terms of fans and spectators at events before COVID."

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