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F1 | Russell on why Williams could improve and not just "survive" this year

George Russell commented on the new organization of the team, that won't just focus on keeping Williams "alive", as the previous management did, but will finally focus on improving performance.

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F1 | Russell on why Williams could improve and not just "survive" this year
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The passage of the Williams F1 team to the new owners of Dorilton Capital, private investment firm, has been endorsed by the Grove's board of directors, including Sir Frank, with the aim of restoring the team's competitiveness and helping it to get back in the highest positions.

After the handover from the Williams family to the new owners, the reorganization of the Grove team begun, with Simon Roberts replacing Claire Williams in the role of Team Principal, Jost Capito and François-Xavier Demaison - who dominated, from 2013 to 2016,in the World Rally Championship, winning everything with Volkswagen Motorsport- respectively CEO and technical director of the team.

Demaison is also certainly no stranger to Formula 1, having worked in Renault and Peugeot. In his career as engineer, the role of Chief Rally Engineer at the Subaru World Rally Team should also be highlighted.

George Russell commented on the new entries in the team referring to how the set-up of the entire group will be revolutionized by professionals figures that were a bit lacking in previous years:

"I think it’s incredibly positive news for Williams in the years to come with the arrival of [Jost] and I really believe we’ve got a firm boss at the helm who will be able to structure a proper technical team around us to help improve ultimately the performance of the car" the 23 year-old said.

"Obviously, we’ve not had a technical director in my whole reign at Williams, which is crazy if you think about it"

"The priority I guess in my whole time at Williams until Dorilton took over was keeping the team afloat, keeping people’s jobs alive, keeping the team alive, as opposed to trying to make the car go as fast as possible"

"The focus was just keeping the team in Formula 1, which was obviously actually a great thing to do, but we can now get back to fully focusing on the performance. It's really exciting for everyone at Williams with Jost at the helm." he added.

Then he underlined the importance of having a technical director in the team and a CEO, two figures that together can bring about changes (positively) by coordinating the various departments of the team, starting from the aerodynamic one to the electronic and mechanical ones, restoring the necessary balance to get to the top of the starting grid.

"I think it’s incredibly important to have a technical director in place" Russell explained.

"Formula 1 is one massive jigsaw puzzle. You’ve got to put those pieces together, of which a technical director is the one orchestrating that"

"It’s been very difficult, and a lot of people had to do jobs that they probably weren’t necessarily signed up for, because there wasn’t anybody necessarily leading them." he concluded.

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