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F1 | Emilia Romagna GP | Fernando Alonso is pleased with his first race with Alpine despite retirement

During the traditional Thursday's press conference, Fernando Alonso shared his thoughts about driving techinques he learnt while being in other motorsport categories, his performance and the team's goals for this weekend.

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F1 | Emilia Romagna GP | Fernando Alonso is pleased with his first race with Alpine despite retirement
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Although Fernando Alonso is a driver with experience in the category, his return to Formula 1 with the Alpine team requires him to get used to it again and today, at the press conference prior to the track activity for the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, Alonso highlights the areas for improvement in the team and in his own performance and driving.

"It's always more grip and more power that is always needed to improve a lap time and it's no different on our team. As for the balance, the car was fine in Bahrain.” Unfortunately, the driver retired after the second pit stop. The disappointment was massive since the reason of the retirement was that a sandwich wrap got caught in the rear brake duct of his Alpine.

“Each circuit will have a different performance for each team, so we need to check how we are doing here and in the next two or three Grand Prix it will be important to check all the car gaps and the performance differences that we will see from the midfield”.

"But I'm happy with the team, the updates we bring will give the car performance and we will check in Imola which are the areas that we need to improve." A lot of excitement surrounds the French team since they are bringing one new aerodynamic package for their car.

However, not everything depends on the car and Fernando recognizes the areas in which he must work: “Probably at this moment I need to improve with the car, because in Bahrain I felt that I needed to be faster in the procedures-first lap, formation lap, stopping - things that are new to me after three years and I think with that weight on my shoulders after the first race and the first time again, I hope to have a better performance here.”



"I think you can learn a lot from other experiences outside of Formula 1. Formula 1 is a very closed environment and let's say the same thing is repeated every two weeks and the same routine every two weeks."

On previous occasions, Alonso has come to comment that being in other categories has allowed him to learn about teamwork with his teammates, something that does not happen as such in Formula 1, since in this category, the first rival of a driver, it is his same teammate (although sometimes they want to deny it).

“Every time you get in the car, you have to share information with your teammates, there is more teamwork in endurance racing than in Formula 1. So there are things that you are learning and taking a different approach for your future adventures in motorsport."

If something characterizes Fernando Alonso, it is his approach and minset in this world of motorsport and let us remember that he also had his experience in the IndyCar category: “It is the same in IndyCar, the level of detail that you must achieve in terms of configuration, preparation for an Indy 500 race is much higher than any Formula 1 event, because the cars are the same and the little details can affect your driving style, performance, overtaking opportunities and how you anticipate some things that can happen in two or three turns”.

"There are many lessons that you can learn in different categories, which hopefully I can apply in Formula 1 or in the future."

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