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F1 | F1 intends to split Miami GP and Austin GP on the 2022 schedule

It is expected that F1 will keep the Miami GP separate to the USA based Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, at the Circuit of The Americas, when the 2022 23-race calendar is announced.

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F1 | F1 intends to split Miami GP and Austin GP on the 2022 schedule
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When Formula 1 confirmed that they have agreed to host a second Grand Prix within the United States of America, many wondered if this meant a double-header in the USA. Miami will host a Grand Prix event at a 19-turn temporary street circuit but where on the calendar would this be placed? Now, it has been announced that F1 will keep this round separate to the USA based Grand Prix in Austin, Texas, at the Circuit of The Americas, when the 2022 23-race calendar is announced.

Miami will bring to F1: sandy beaches, an art deco vibe, vibrant multiculturalism and a rich sporting heritage Austin, Texas by comparison is very different but by no means any lesser a spectacle. Miami will be the 11th location in the USA to host a Grand Prix of the pinnacle of motorsport and the deal in place lasts for 10 years which signals intent on both parties.

Technically, the United States Grand Prix, which has been held in Austin, Texas, since 2012, is now in its final season as the current contract expires after 2021. Nevertheless, it is widely predicted and expected that the Circuit of The Americas will agree a new contract and thereby two Grand Prix in the USA in 2022.

When the Formula One circus comes to town it is a moment of great excitement, entertainment and enterprise. Therefore, it is little surprise to hear that both USA-based Grand Prix will stand apart as opposed to being one race weekend after the other.

Comments from Formula 1 chief Stefano Domenicali, reported on motorsportweek.com, confirmed that “we are figuring out 23” in terms of the number of 2022 Grand Prix events.

It is expected, following Domenicali’s remarks, that Miami’s inaugural Grand Prix will take place in Quarter 2 of 2022. Therefore, seeing how Austin’s event has been held in late October/early November and has been linked with Mexico City’s Grand Prix since 2015, Miami will not find a home next to either of these events.

A more likely outcome for geographical logistics would be to schedule the Miami Grand Prix around the same time as the Canadian Grand Prix.

In 2021, the Canadian Grand Prix is absent for the second year running and so this would be a highly publicized spectacle if scheduled in the same period as the inaugural Miami Grand Prix. This, inevitably, will be good for business.

“I’ll let F1 handle the calendar and the schedule but we’re happy to have a race in Miami,” said the Miami Grand Prix event’s Managing Director Tom Garfinkel. Scheduling around other events in the city of Miami is also a big factor, not to mention the fact that the temporary street-circuit will heavily impact on the Hard Rock Stadium, the center piece feature of the circuit. Therefore, a race in the second quarter of the year ensures no overlap with the NFL regular season nor the Miami Open tennis tournament.

The Miami Grand Prix event’s Managing Director Tom Garfinkel continued in his remarks:

“We think this can be a destination race for fans and we really want to make it a destination race for teams and drivers, and one of the marks on the calendar that they really look forward to all year and that’s the goal.

“So whenever that is, and however that fits in the schedule with the other races, we’ll focus on Miami and try and accomplish those goals.”

Having been in discussion for several years, the Miami Grand Prix is finally taking shape and wherever it falls on the 23-race F1 calendar in 2022, it is certain to be something very special.


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