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F1 | Red Bull to build a new powertrain division in Milton Keynes to substitute Honda

Due to Honda’s abandon of F1 in 2022, Red Bull had to start thinking to a new powertrain: the buildings of the new centre have begun.

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F1 | Red Bull to build a new powertrain division in Milton Keynes to substitute Honda
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Aston Martin first, Honda then: Red Bull is watching its best allies departing even if it is building a strong car, getting awesome results and hiring two top drivers. The Milton Keynes – based team is not giving up and while it is going through a golden state of shape as it is the only serious contender to Mercedes’ hegemony, Red Bull finds the way to start a whole new project: developing its own powertrain. Today the Austrian F1 team is beginning to build its own division in Milton Keynes. It can certainly count on top-class professionals, just like their long-term tech-chief Adrien Newey and it is setting an ambitious goal.

To be clearer, Red Bull is following the chassis line in order to build a strong powertrain division and to do so, it needed a new place so it started building it, as its CEO Christian Horner explains to Autosport in an interview.

We will be applying exactly the same philosophy that we did to the chassis side – Horner states – So the intention, exactly as I did with the chassis, is to make sure we attract the right talent and the best talent.”

Ok, in words it might seems logical and simple but at this point it comes instinctive to wonder how the F1 team can make sure to keep this law of attraction real.

The key-point is teamwork. Red Bull is building the powertrain division as close as possible to the chassis farm, in order to have a quick and immediate communication between the two sides of the same team.

At the end of the day, F1 is still a team sportHorner points out - It's a people sport. And that's one of the fundamental reasons that we’re housing our facility on site within the campus in Milton Keynes. It’s to make sure that there is this seamless integration between power unit and chassis.”

As if these news were not enough to handle, the Austrian team is working to make the car friendly to 2025 new technical rules and to have a new power unit ready by then. Christian Horner looks at this ambitious goal as “tremendously exciting”, to quote his own words: “Obviously with the engine freeze it was important as a safeguard for what will effectively be an interim period. But for the new engine, whenever that comes, potentially 2025, we're obviously building up a structure. We are going to inherit some great people and talent from Honda, but we are absolutely committed to getting the right people in the right roles in an efficient manner that integrates fully with the chassis side of the business.”

Red Bull is proving to have nerve and quality but it has to focus to be as consistent as possible to keep up with Mercedes’ pace. It’s the only team who can put on quite a show for the World Championship, a show that F1 world and its fan need desperately.


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