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F1 | Portuguese GP | Steiner on potential secret F1 votes: We always vote for what is good for us, secret or not secret.

Steiner believes Brown’s bid to use secret ballots to cast votes in the F1 Commission is unnecessary, as there is no pressure from engine suppliers and affiliated teams to exert influence.

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F1 | Portuguese GP | Steiner on potential secret F1 votes: We always vote for what is good for us, secret or not secret.
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McLaren's CEO Zak Brown recently called for secret votes on regulation changes to safeguard the team's independence. But what do teams think about it?

Günther Steiner for one strongly disagrees, as he doesn’t feel as if he has ever been pressured into voting a certain way.

“I don’t vote against my own will. I don’t do that.” He stated in a press conference with selected media including MotorLat.

The Haas Team Principal seems quite confused by the request, as the process is already contemplated by the current regulations.

“I know that this secret voting was always there, it’s not asking for something new, it’s in the regulations and they can just apply it. And I don’t know what it will achieve because we always vote for what is good for us. One way or another, that’s what we will continue to do, secret or not secret.”

If anything, he is perplexed about the actual benefits it would bring.

“I’m not afraid to let other people know what I voted. So for me it doesn’t make any difference, except it will get more complex than it is already and maybe it will also cost more money because we need now to have an outside company to manage our voting. So I don’t know, if Zak thinks that will make a difference I hope he’s paying the bill for the outside company as well!”

According to Steiner, there are discussions going on behind the scenes,

"You always speak with people. It is one of these processes where you speak with people ‘What should we vote? What do you think is the direction to go?’ which is normal when you run a business.”

But with the only aim of finding the best possible solution.

"But nobody ever said, don’t take it as a fact, puts a gun to your head here [and says] ‘You need to vote that one’. Have I had a gun put to my head? No. Nobody does that. You discuss it, you see what is the best.”

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