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F1 | Toto kept his promise: Grosjean to drive in a one-off test with Mercedes at French GP

Romain Grosjean is going to take part at a special test after Le Castellet GP thanks to Wolff, who promised him that the crash in Barhrain GP would not be his last memory in a F1 car.

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F1 | Toto kept his promise: Grosjean to drive in a one-off test with Mercedes at French GP
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It couldn’t end up like that, Romain Grosjean’s experience in F1, Toto Wolff promised it in the very time he saw the Frenchman coming out of his car all overed in fire, just like a phoenix. The French driver was already said to be out of the circuit but couldn’t have the chance to say goodbye to the Circus, as he went down to a dangerous crash that led to see Grosjean coming out the car covered in flame, reporting major burns to his hands to having held the steering wheel until the end. Toto Wolff made a promise to the French, stating that the crash wouldn’t be his last act in F1 and when he would have healed, he would have had the chance to drive a Mercedes. The time has come, Toto kept his promise.

At Le Castellet, right after the French GP, Grosjean will take part to a special one-off test, driving Lewis Hamilton’s W10, the car with which the Briton conquered his seventh World title.

I am so excited to jump back in an F1 car! It will be a special opportunity for me and to drive a World Championship-winning Mercedes will be a unique experience. – Grosjean stated happily in Mercedes’ official press release - I’m very grateful to Mercedes F1 and to Toto for the opportunity. The first I heard about the chance to drive a Mercedes was in my hospital bed in Bahrain when Toto was speaking to the media and made the invitation. Reading that news cheered me up a lot!

F1 didn’t get the chance to race in France during 2020 because of COVID so driving a Mercedes at the French Grand Prix in 2021 and then completing a test at the Circuit Paul Ricard, my home track, will be so special. I can’t wait for the day to arrive.

Toto Wolff said he cannot wait to see Romain coming back in F1 and he told the world how the idea was born:

“We are very happy to support Romain with this special opportunity. The idea first came when it looked like Romain would be ending his active career in Formula One, and we didn’t want his accident to be his last moment in an F1 car. – Wolff said, remembering the crash during the Bahrain GP. “I have known Romain since his days in Formula Three when he won the Championship. He enjoyed a long and successful F1 career and we wanted to make sure that his final memories would be at the wheel of a championship-winning car. I’m excited to see what Romain’s feedback on the W10 is. Romain’s accident reminds us of the dangers these guys face each time they climb into the cockpit but it’s also a testament to the incredible steps this sport has taken to improve safety over the years. I know the F1 community will celebrate seeing Romain back on track.”

Once again, Toto is right: Formula 1 will celebrate seeing Romain coming back to a F1 track and will be thankful to the Austrian guy who took a terrible and almost mortal crash and turned into a happy memory, not only to Romain, but to all the drivers who constantly risk their life while following the sport they – and we – love.


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