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F1 | Spanish GP | Seidl: "We will see the Daniel that we all know soon”

Andreas Seidl spoke with the media ahead of the Spanish Grand Prix this weekend.

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F1 | Spanish GP | Seidl: "We will see the Daniel that we all know soon”
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In a virtual event with selected media that included MotorLat, McLaren’s team principal talked about Daniel Ricciardo’s adaptation, what does the team expect for the race in Spain, Lando Norris, and developing the 2022 car.

Talking about what is left to do, what is left to try different with Daniel?

“Obviously a lot of analysis goes on altogether with the team and Daniel to see how we could make him feel more comfortable with the car. I think also at the same time it is important to see his performance on the track is influenced by different conditions.”

“From our side, looking ahead at this weekend the modifications with the car again this morning. We try to continuously bring upgrades to the car. Barcelona obviously will be a very good indication and we need to take advantage of the momentum of where we are. I think it is an average circuit in terms of downforce and fast corners so it will be a very interesting weekend.”

"With the complexity of the cars of how fast they are nowadays, it is not a secret you need laps in order to get used to the new car at all. That’s why I think he simply needs more laps. I think we have seen already at the last race, his disappointment in Qualifying in Portimao, and it was very important. But there were a lot more positive moments during the race like the second half of the medium stint where he pulled a great performance and a lot of learnings as well. I’m a hundred percent sure that we will see the Daniel that we all know soon.”

About how Lando Norris has grown up and matured and in which ways he has done it.

“I think what happened again over winter is that Lando, together with the engineering team have done lots of analyses. And I guess he together with the team meet the right conclusions of how to make the next steps. But it is very clear that all these young guys are growing and you also have to grow as a person and as a driver. Also, his third year at McLaren is clear to see he is happy with the team and the car. He asks in order to perform at his best and then people will see what he is doing on the track.”

“It is great to see his laps in Qualifying, how he puts also his laps in the race and plans his overtaking maneuvers. I would say he is taking experience.”

About if Lando is future F1 champion material, Seidl said:I have to say I smile with all these comments about future world champions because from the last 12 months to now we have a lot of future F1 world champions at the moment. There is no question all these guys will bright.”

“So, is impressive to see Lando’s development, all the past three years and I think if he keeps that as a driver and as a person I think he’s got everything that’s required to be a top driver in Formula 1. I think to be a world champion it is always that is difficult to predict; you need the right car at the right moment, you need to put it off as a driver 23 times a year. For example, I admire when I look at Lewis, how he manages year by year to pull it off. It’s about consistency and performance.”

“We’ve seen Lando at other categories that he is something special with everything he has done there. He has to take care of himself and the results he has shown, keep the head down, stay focused, together with the team and we will see at some point if he takes the steps and has a lot of success."

Finally, is the 2021 car still in the wind tunnel?

“We’re still doing at the moment. Obviously depending also on some development directions that will tell if it would be better to continue to develop this year’s car of the next. But I would say it is crystal clear that the ambition before making steps in the next year is getting the opportunity again to get closer to the front and that’s obviously priority number one for us.”



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