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F1 | Steiner on Toto Wolff's radio with the FIA about Mazepin: "I guess he wanted a little publicity"

During the Spanish Grand Prix, Formula 1 showed a radio message between Toto Wolff (Mercedes) and Michael Masi (FIA) where you can hear Toto complaining about Mazepin and blue flags. Steiner has commented that Toto did that so he can show who is in charge.

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F1 | Steiner on Toto Wolff's radio with the FIA about Mazepin: "I guess he wanted a little publicity"
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Haas. What can we say about the North American team? This has been one of the worst starts to the season they have ever had, if not the worst. As starting drivers, they have the son of the seven-time world champion, Mick Schumacher, and Nikita Mazepin. Both were in Formula 2 last year, with Mick being the champion of the category and Mazepin the third place. It is not very common to see how a Formula 1 team has two rookie drivers as its starting drivers, however, Haas decided so and, for many, this decision was in order to have new sponsors and more money for the development of their car. Anyway, this was a small preamble to know what the team is today. They currently rank last in the constructors' championship (tying with Williams and Alfa Romeo) without having scored a single point. It is clear, it is not an advantageous position for the North Americans, and in addition to this, Nikita Mazepin has been the driver who has had the most difficulty adaptation to the level of Formula 1. Leaving aside his highly controversial incident via social networks, Nikita has generated a lot of anger in the rival drivers thanks to misunderstandings that could well have been avoided by the Russian driver.

During the last Spanish Grand Prix, Formula 1 released a new graphic in which the radio transmission between the Mercedes team (specifically its team principal, Toto Wolff) and the FIA ​​(with the race director, Michael Masi) was heard. On this radio we could hear Wolff complaining about Nikita Mazepin because he did not let Lewis Hamilton pass easily when the blue flags had already been shown to him. “Michael, blue flags, blue flags! This guy is going to make us lose our position." This was the exact radio that could be heard. Regarding this, the head of the Haas team, Guenther Steiner, commented during a press conference with MotorLat and other media, that perhaps Toto Wolff did it to show who is in charge, which are they.

"I think Nikita did a good job getting out of that." Steiner claimed for MotorLat and other media. “Maybe Toto, being Toto, just wanted to make sure to show who's in charge here and that everyone should move when he comes. He didn't let his guys [pitwall engineers] do that job. I guess he wanted a little publicity. "



If these statements are considered, of course, just that radio transmission shown was between Toto Wolff and Michael Masi, the most important representatives of both organizations.

“Being the last car, the chances of being shown blue flags are quite high. We normally move out of their way as soon as possible so as not to take too much time off. It is very difficult to compare the two drivers in a matter of blue flags, either because position, time, etc. I will have to check what happened. "

Regarding the race they had and what he thinks about the performance of these two drivers, Steiner commented: “We finished with both cars, no damage, everything was fine, so we sure did a few laps, they learned something again and both drivers did a good job at first. "

“Mick, I think he recovered four or five positions immediately and Nikita recovered two, but then he realized that there was no point in being aggressive and damaging the car. He wanted to race to the finish just to get the laps. Obviously we couldn't fight the Williams. We were clearly overtaken on the straights so we couldn't do much. In general, we did our laps, so on that side we are happy, but when you beat someone in qualifying and then back in the race, you can't be very happy. " This is how the Haas team principal ended his interview.

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