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F1 | Red Bull's “bendy” wing won’t affect the championship fight

Helmut Marko said that, while the car is compliant with FIA regulations, Red Bull won’t be the only team to make some changes.

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F1 | Red Bull's “bendy” wing won’t affect the championship fight
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The aereodynamics of Red Bull's 2021 challenger, the RB16B, have recently become an interesting discussion topic, especially since Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton commented after the Spanish GP that he saw Max Verstappen running a "bendy" wing.

Red Bull's Team Principal Christian Horner had immediately replied that the FIA was "completely happy" with the car, but, shortly after, it was announced the introduction of extra load tests to be run on the rear wings of the cars from the French Grand Prix.

FIA's main concern is that some teams are running wings that can pass tests while parked in the pits, but that during racetime can bend for an aereo advantage.

Anyhow, Red Bull advisor Helmut Marko is adamant in saying that everything Red Bull has done so far is in line with the regulations, as he told Motorsport Total in an interview:

"The wing has passed the load test. That is crucial. Now, there are new criteria that have different guidelines with regards to load."

Marko said that the new tests will not affect only Red Bull, adding that Alpine and Alfa Romeo will as well be influenced by the new testing approach, since they have been using wings that can bend at high speed and could be asked to strengthen them up.

"It's often the case when new regulations come and teams discover grey areas. But it's not just Red Bull being targeted. It affects other teams as well."

The Red Bull advisor later countered Hamilton's claim that the "bendy" wing gave Verstappen's car a 0.3 sec advantage, saying that the Mercedes driver was comparing the race laps with times scored during high-downforce wing tests ran on Friday, a configuration disregarded for Sunday's race:

"The reason for the smaller rear wing was that we were too slow on the straights. Hamilton then saw, when he was driving behind us, that we were relatively fast on the straights and put it down to the wing. That's where two things came together."

Marko claims that, while the modification that have to be made to the wing in order to prevent it from bending will cost some speed, it won't be a problem for the championship fight: "It is certainly not a disadvantage that is decisive for the world championship."

He concluded by saying that tests like these have always been part of F1, and that it's commons for Red Bull to adjust to them multiple times during a single season:

"It is quite normal. We had to readjust the front wings two, three times a season during our successful world championship period."

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