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F1 | Verstappen doesn't rule out driving at Red Bull for his entire career

Despite being only 23 years old, in a recent interview Max Verstappen spoke about his career and potential future. 

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F1 | Verstappen doesn't rule out driving at Red Bull for his entire career
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Max Verstappen has been definitely one of the top names on the grid, despite his young age. Debuting at only 17 in Toro Rosso, and being fast promoted to the senior team of Red Bull Racing, he’s been definitely on the tongues of many. In a recent interview with the website RacingNews365.com, he spoke about his future and entering his now 7th season in Formula 1. 

When asked for how long his intending to race in F1, and if his career will be potentially as long as Kimi Raikkonen’s one, he responded: "No, not normally. I want to keep racing as long as I feel like it.”

As mentioned before, since his debut at Toro Rosso, Verstappen stayed in the Red Bull team since the very beginning. These past few season he has been a crucial puzzle piece in the team’s jigsaw, and he has been pretty much the only driver on the grid with a machinery and talent combined that is able to occasionally challenge the indisputable mastery of Lewis Hamilton on a race track. 

When asked if he is intending to race at Red Bull till the end of the career, he answered: "That could well be. It depends on how long we are competitive and how long I am competitive myself, of course. Winning motivates me, or rather just the chance to win.”

Afterwards, he was asked about his ambitions in F1 and if his future motivation could be affected by not achieving success or ending in the midfield, he responded: "I would prefer to win as many titles as possible, but that depends on the package. Sometimes you are lucky and it is good for longer periods and sometimes you aren't lucky. Hopefully I will win some titles, but you never know.”

"Then at some point I'll be done with it. Of course, it is a completely different story if you are fighting for the top positions. If I were to drive at the back, then there would come a time when I wouldn't feel like doing it.”

Despite his young age, Verstappen is no newbie in the business. Although there is definitely a big amount of years in the sport awaiting for him, there is a lot of speculation what will happen during his career, or where he will end up once he decide not to race anymore. During the interview, he was asked what will he do once he gives up on F1. He responded: "I still have plenty of things to do. But car racing anyway, but in private. And spend a lot of time with friends. I wouldn't buy a team or an F1 car or anything like that. I would go for a different type of car.”

Lastly, the driver was asked where does his interest in sim-racing come from. As many possibly know, Verstappen spends a lot of time, also outside of racing weekends and season preparations playing on the simulator, that he also sometimes streamed on Twitch in the beginning of last year in the pandemic. To that question, he answered: "I started on PlayStation and especially over the last few years I have been taking it very seriously. I have the same mentality there as I do in Formula 1. I really enjoy doing it, especially if you have a chance to win. That just makes it even nicer.”


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