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F1 | Monaco GP | McLaren "are in dialogue with the FIA" regarding tests of legality of "bendy wings" says Andreas Seidl

McLaren's team principal spoke to the media in the preview of the 2021 Monaco GP and expressed that the team is not happy with the timing of the FIA test set to control the flexibility on some F1 cars wings.

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F1 | Monaco GP | McLaren "are in dialogue with the FIA" regarding tests of legality of "bendy wings" says Andreas Seidl
Fuente imagen: Hasan Bratic - MotorLat

In a virtual session with selected media that included MotorLat, McLaren Team Principal was specifically asked about the “bendy wings” seen on some Formula 1 cars at the past F1 event in Spain, -following Lewis Hamilton’s declarations about the #33 Red Bull- and Seidl firmly stated that the measurements the FIA has announced to be done when the championship is heading to Paul Ricard the week of June 15th, are somehow late and could give the teams involved in the polemic the possibility to keep using the illegalities for more races, giving an unfair advantage over the teams that take care of following the regulations correctly.

"When you see all the videos and pictures from Barcelona, it's pretty clear what is happening," said the German. "Therefore we welcome the reaction from the FIA with the technical directive, the basic content of which we are happy with. Where we strongly disagree is the timing of the implementation. There is no reason after not just one team had already the advantage of doing things which in our point of view are clearly against the regulations.” Said the McLaren team principal.

"They had that advantage for several races, which is something we are not happy with. But now allowing them to have a further advantage for more races is something we strongly disagree with and where we are in conversations with the FIA.”

"The tests mentioned in the regulations at the moment are in place to, let's say, additionally support the FIA to check in a straightforward way if the cars are complying with the regulations. But it doesn't mean that only these tests are the criteria as to whether the car is legal or not.”

"We hope the FIA shows a very strong hand and it is simply not acceptable because it puts the teams who comply with the regulations at a big disadvantage."

The German was clear, McLaren is in talks with the FIA regarding this matter, but it’s not something to call “protesting”.

"In principle I am not a big fan of protesting other teams and cars. All I can say is at the moment we are in dialogue with the FIA to make sure teams that have designed devices or parts that we have seen in Barcelona simply can't use these devices or parts anymore."

About if McLaren needs to change anything regarding the tests and new supervisions: “No. It’s not a change of the regulations what is happening. In the end, for us as a team that is not involved, we have limited information about what other cars are having on their cars and you need evidence.”

“From our point of view, the only evidence, or the first time we saw evidence was the pictures or the videos that have been available in Barcelona.”

Finally, talking about Lando Norris’s multi-year renewed contract with the Woking-based team and the announcement, the Team Principal had nothing more than words of joy and compliments referring to the results that the negotiations with the 21-years-old British brought.

“I like clarity. Same as Zak. Lando is very happy with us and we are very happy with him, so there was no point wasting any more time and energy. It was quite a straightforward decision and obviously very happy to know now that we have Lando and Daniel signed for several more years. A competitive driver lineup is important in our journey back to the front end in Formula 1,” Seidl concluded.


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