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F1 | Azerbaijan GP | "if we see deflections again, there needs to be action" says Andreas Seidl about alleged wings-flexibility illegality

Andreas Seidl spoke to the media regarding bendy-wings and even talked about his point of view on F1's media relationship with the paddock.

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F1 | Azerbaijan GP | "if we see deflections again, there needs to be action" says Andreas Seidl about alleged wings-flexibility illegality
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As the flexy-wings topic goes on still another weekend into the F1 championship, teams arrive in Azerbaijan with perspectives of harsh observations and every single eye on the Red Bull car, and as one of the teams that have stated its disagreement with how the FIA is managing the issue, Andreas Seidl, Team Principal of McLaren was asked yet again about the team’s opinion on this, in a virtual media event with selected media that included MotorLat.

"From our point of view, if we see deflections again like we have seen in Barcelona, there needs to be action here this weekend. How this action will look like in the paddock, I don't know yet."

"We're happy with all the actions FIA has put in place with the technical directive, even with the update of the technical directive. The only thing we are still not happy with, and that's the point of the discussion, is why do you let teams that benefited already for several races, with a car that has not been in the regulations, to keep using these devices," said Seidl.

Seidl was again very clear about the subject. It is illogical to delay the test of irregularities on some cars because if something needs to be changed “it could be done within a week” and the advantage will continue to be there in the meantime.

"It is not just the deflection that you see, but in the end what is important is for the FIA to look into how does this deflection get created, If this deflection gets created by a design that is clearly done for passing the test which is in the regulations, then is creating excessive deflection, on purpose, that's obviously not within 3.8 [the regulations that ban moveable aerodynamic devices]."

"I don't want to go into a discussion of a protest at the moment," said the McLaren Team Principal. "In general, it doesn't make sense to do anything before the event, because you can change a rear wing on Saturday morning. There's no point on doing anything on a Friday night."

To conclude the media event, the German was asked about F1’s media and all its characters' relationship with F1 personalities, related to Roland Garros’ tournament and tennis player Naomi Osaka talking about mental health and media duties being an elite athlete.

“To be honest, the relationship the media has here with the promoters, with Formula 1, with the FIA, with all the drivers and also with us in team management, from my point of view I’m very happy with it. It’s a very healthy relationship.”

“And I mean it’s always easy to get it nice coverage when everything is going well but I’m going to say from McLaren’s side and our driver side, from my side. Of course there are days where things don’t go well which happens in the sport that’s why we also love it, emotions and so on… we feel always treated fairly.”

“Also sometimes when the drivers go through a bit of disappointment or the team because of issues that are happening obviously you get quiet emotional reactions which is what we all like also because in the end it’s a human’s sport and we want to see this as well. And I think it’s simply important from our side, from your side, that you always put it in context as well. Which I think is happening.”


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