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F1 | Kvyat hopeful for a return to F1 : “I still feel like there is some potential left”

Red Bull dumped him multiple times, but the Russian still believes he has what it takes to race in Formula 1.

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F1 | Kvyat hopeful for a return to F1 : “I still feel like there is some potential left”
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Formula 1 Circus can be a tough lover, which first seduces you and then it leaves you with nothing on. Ask Daniil Kvyat. Helmut Marko took him into the major F1 with Red Bull’s minor team Toro Rosso (now known as AlphaTauri), promoted him in Red Bull only to chase him back to AlphaTauri and left the Russian without a seat lately.

Nevertheless, Kvyat openly declares that he still has a soft spot for Formula 1 and he believes he still has something to prove in this sport.

The former Red Bull driver now works as Alpine’s reserve driver, a good opportunity to come back one day.

I want to be racing, whatever it is. Of course, F1 is the first thing that comes to mind, mainly because I still feel like there is some potential left. – the Russian told Motorsport.com - And hopefully a different ambience to where I was before could be better for me. I just would like this kind of opportunity. But it doesn't matter what you like, sometimes there is an opportunity, or sometimes there is not. So we'll see what will be around soon. The next couple of months will be crucial in that regard.”

Could this different ambience be Alpine? Facts say so. Daniil drove the car during the tests on the 18-inch tyres held in Barcelona and he did a good job and felt in control. On the other hand, watching back at his former team, Kvyat admits he is not expecting a call from Helmut Marko.

He has my number, if he needs it!- he jokes anyway. Even though the experience in Milton Keynes and Faenza did not turn out just how he wanted, the Russian stresses that he doesn’t regret anything. https://www.motorlat.com/notas/f1/20637/f1-tost-hails-tsunoda-s-unbelievable-speed-but-the-rookie-must-recognise-when-he-s-on-the-limit

Absolutely no regrets. Looking back at it, even more now, with the current situations of drivers they have, I'm really proud of what I achieved there. And to be honest, if you look at it now, there's almost nothing I could have done. – the Alpine reserve driver tells - And this is something what gives me confidence moving in the future, what I've been doing. And looking back at it, I was very down about it, but now looking at things, how other drivers take it, I definitely can tell you that I actually can look back with my head high up."

Even if he has no regret, Kvyat still feels a bit frustrated.

“I came there, and in the end I looked really good, to be honest, straight away. But how do you say? It was a bit of a wrong timing. I would leave it there, but I just hope, like I was saying, to have another opportunity.- he explains - That's why it leaves me with a bit of feeling of unfulfillment. Because I feel like the potential is much higher than what I managed to achieve in F1. So that's why I still keep my eyes open on it."

The Russian keeps looking at the bright side, considering that he left the Red Bull camp so he has been able to look elsewhere and who knows, his future could also lead him to the U.S., like Kevin Magnussen who recently got his first victory.

“There were definitely a lot of opportunities," he says. "But I'm not going to throw any names in there. Yes, I had some something to choose from.I had to find a way of keeping myself occupied, and also staying with one foot in the game. And the best opportunity came with Alpine this year.- he recalls - So I went with the Alpine option, because in a general picture it looked the best thing, it would keep me the most occupied, would give me more opportunities, would give me more work in the end. Because in the end I like to work!”

Daniil Kvyat is still a racer, it’s in his blood, his passion for cars and racing beats loudly and he is not giving up the dream to come back in F1.

“It's important to drive. I think, more than a one-year break, unless you're a world champion of F1, it's something you can't really allow yourself to do. So it's important to keep going."

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