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F1 | French GP | Verstappen against Pirelli on tyre issues

The championship leader strongly insist that Red Bull and Aston Martin followed all tyre pressure related rules, and asks Pirelli for more in depth answers.

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F1 | French GP | Verstappen against Pirelli on tyre issues
Fuente imagen: Red Bull Racing on Twitter

Max Verstappen is "not happy" with the way Pirelli handled the aftermath of the Azerbaijan GP, when both him and Lance Stroll suffered from left-rear blowouts.

The tyre company had stated that the tyre malfunction didn't happen because of quality issues or debris, but that it was "related to the running conditions of the tyre, in spite of the prescribed starting parameters having been followed," almost implying that the teams were to blame as the tyres were forced to work in conditions unexpected by Pirelli, and followed by a newer set of rules for this race, even stricter on tyre pressure.

While usually there were tyre pressure checks only before the race, from France there will be more controls after the race, reminders of not changing the gas inside the tyre, and shorter windows to use tyre blankets, in order to reduce the amount of heat they're exposed to.

However, Verstappen wasn't satisfied with Pirelli's answers on the reason why it happened: "For me it was just a bit vague what came out," he said in today's press conference."

He strongly defended his team's behaviour, insisting that Red Bull complied with all the guidelines provided by the Italian company:

"The only thing I can say is from our side the team did everything like they should have done. They followed all the guidelines with tyre pressures and stuff so it was nothing to be to be found there. So, I don’t really get it."

"We will go up on pressures here for this weekend, I’m actually 100% sure we will. Probably it had something to do with what happened in Baku. But it would also be nice to just know if it was tyre pressure related."


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