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F1 | French GP | Steiner: Our drivers are still learning

Steiner talked about their first Q2 of the season, the learning process of their drivers and the realtionship between them after Baku.

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F1 | French GP | Steiner: Our drivers are still learning
Fuente imagen: Hasan Bratic. Motorlat

MotorLat had access to a meeting with Gunther Steiner after today´s qualifying session. His team made it into Q2 for the first time but Steiner is very cautious about it.

Talking about the bitter sweet session his team had today Steiner said, “they try to do and push a bit harder…we were doing pretty good. It happens but what can you do.”

By the time of the interview the team principal hadn´t had the chance to evaluate the damage Schumacher´s car sustained so when asked about achieving the goal of the Q2 he said “we have to make sure he can start from that position.” Steiner is confident about the future and highlighted that both drivers are making progress. “I feel there´s improvement coming from the drivers, they’re still learning”

When asked by MotorLat about the relationship of the drivers after the incident in Baku, Steiner said “I don´t think there´s a big change than before. They work together it´s difficult to say how their relationship is. I´ve just seen in the debrief...it seems there´s no difference. This is part of racing and I think we need to get onward”  When we asked him if he considered that the repercussion was a bit exaggerated, Steiner added “I think it was a little bit put out of proportion but I understand why ...when there´s something with the two of them it is picked up…and the dimension is bigger than what it actually is. It is formula One everything that´s controversial gives something to talk about. It´s to be expected but I think it´s made out bigger that what it actually was.”

Steiner was hopeful that they can avoid changing the gearbox in Schumacher´s car. However, he stated that they are not going to gamble if they are not sure whether the gearbox can last the whole race.

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