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F1 | Capito explains Roberts' departure as Williams continues with its restructuring plan

Williams' Team Principal, Simon Roberts, will leave the team as Jost Capito takes the role.

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F1 | Capito explains Roberts' departure as Williams continues with its restructuring plan
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Williams F1 continues its restructuration as the CEO, Jost Capito, takes over the role of Team Principal.

Simon Roberts joined Williams F1 less than a year ago as managing director and after Claire Williams left the team he was appointed as the team's Technical Director with the arrival of Dorilton Capital.

“During the first 100 days, I took a huge effort to understand how the teams work,” said Capito, according to Motorsport.com.

“I talked to more than 80 managers in one-to-one meetings, and I asked them all the same questions. So I got a good overview what we should change, what we should keep.”

One of the changes planned is putting different areas reporting to the Technical Director, FX Demaison, who joined the team this March and worked with Capito in Volkswagen.

“It became clear that engineering should be all in one hand: track engineering, design, aero, should all be in one hand.”

“That should be under the technical director, and that should be a technical director who has done all jobs in racing, who has been at a drawing board, who has been a race engineer, who has done R+D, and FX is exactly that person.”

“You have the technical director in charge of everything that is related to the car, and you have a sporting director who is relating to everything not with the car in the race team, and makes the race team work and function. So the technical people don’t have to bother, they can fully focus on the car and on the performance.”

“With that, the capabilities that Simon offers didn’t fit in that system. Simon did a fantastic job through the change of ownership, to keep the team together. I think that’s always a very critical situation for a team, and the team can’t fall apart and get in a dip. He did a fantastic job keeping the team together, and we’re very thankful for that.”

Capito has a vast experience in the Motorsport's World. The ex-Director of Motorsport at Volkswagen as one of his more remarkable roles.

Dave Robson explained his role has not changed since Roberts' exit from the team.

“From the point of view of bringing all the technical team under one roof, if you like, it's probably a good thing.”

“It’s how we would normally have done it, how we did it under Paddy [Lowe]. So, yeah, I think day-to-day, nothing for me changes.”

Capito said the team received some applications for the position but prior F1 experience is not needed or essential: 

“I think that it’s not necessarily needed.”

“Sometimes it’s good to have a view from outside. I think I saw [McLaren team principal] Andreas Seidl’s interview from last week, where he said the reason he can do this job is because he’s been outside of Formula 1!"

Williams is going through a rough time in F1 after ending the 2020 season with no points and showing a big lack of pace compared to the other teams.

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