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F1 | Styrian GP | Schumacher on recent incidents with Mazepin: "I think everything has been said about that topic", laments error on final run in Q1

Mick Schumacher couldn´t carry the promising results from the Free practice sessions into the Qualy.

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F1 | Styrian GP | Schumacher on recent incidents with Mazepin: "I think everything has been said about that topic", laments error on final run in Q1
Fuente imagen: Hasan Bratic. MotorLat.

It was a difficult qualifying session for Mick Schumacher today after the promising positions during the Free practice sessions and his Q2 in France. MotorLat.com had access to a brief online meeting with the F2 champion where he shared his thoughts and feelings with a select group of journalists.

On the mistake he made in the first corner that stopped him from improving his lap time Schumacher explained, “I was carrying a bit of much speed into the first corner on the last attempt. it had a big impact in the final result, we were not able to improve ourselves after the first run which was unfortunate because the pace all weekend looked to be very promising and that´s why I mentioned the weekend so far looked quite good. Obviously FP3 being P16 very close to George and Kimi which was very positive. Unfortunately, we weren´t able to improve much more in Qualy. Nonetheless, we still have another try next week”

When he was asked if this weekend could be taken as a test opportunity to try and get a stronger result next weekend the young driver explained, “that should be the aim but we know we are not the only ones who are learning. I expect the other teams to be able to gather information and data. Hopefully, we´ll be able to still have a strong performance next week but still we have tomorrow that hopefully we´ll be able to be in the mix, that should be the target. Obviously, if it rains it will mix a few things together and, hopefully, we´ll be able to fight a bit more.”

About the race pace Mick was hopeful “…I will try my best. It´s the only thing I can do. If I’m able to fight with Williams that will be great and if there are wet conditions that should be our biggest hope to do so in that case”

When he was asked by MotorLat if he had the chance to talk with his team about the close fight with his teammate last weekend and if he expects it to be this close for the rest of the season, Schumacher answered “I think everything has been said about that topic. I think, as I said, not really bringing it back up. It is what it is I guess.”

Asked about the position of his seat what else is he working on behind the scenes to improve the car “the seat topic is special but in the end to improve the car is nothing to do with the seat… right now we know that we lack a little bit of pace and we´re trying to re-maximize everything in that case I have everything to be able to do so…but, I wasn´t able to do it in qualy with the mistake being a big part of that. Now is about trying to analyze what we had his weekend and how we can improve for the next weekend.”


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