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F1 | Styrian GP | Binotto reckons Mercedes’ flaws are due to a lack of stability, says Honda hasn't gained power with new PU

While Red Bull is improving clearly, Mercedes is committing many flaws. Ferrari’s team principal Mattia Binotto gives the blame to a disorganization coming through the Brackley-based team.

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F1 | Styrian GP | Binotto reckons Mercedes’ flaws are due to a lack of stability, says Honda hasn't gained power with new PU
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Red Bull just obtained its fourth consecutive victory at the Styrian Grand Prix, extending its lead battle against Mercedes. On the other hand, the Brackley - based team was suffering from different flaws, which came out during the race.

Ferrari thinks that there are other issues dealing with the Silver Arrows. The Prancing Horse team principal Mattia Binotto suggests that it’s the stability the most important factor in the battle between Red Bull and Mercedes, with the Austrian that has worked hard on its organization, in commitment with its senior figures and being able to improve its own strength like that, time after time.

When asked about his point of view on the fight between Red Bull and Mercedes by Motorsport.com, the Italian claps his hands to the Austrian team for the great job done to reach – and hopefully for them overcome – Mercedes.

“Before looking at the technical aspects, and it must be acknowledged that Red Bull has done a great job, I think it is right to point out that they are reaping excellent results because they can count on a team that has been stable for many years. Despite having had to face difficulties, despite not having won, they have continued to build a group to try to improve their car. And what we see now is the result of that work,”- he says.

The Maranello boss then gives a look at Mercedes -"If, on the other hand, we look at Mercedes, already in the last year there have been significant internal changes, with roles that have perhaps been revised. Plus the signature with the driver that arrived only in February.

Even though he made no comments on Ferrari’s situation, the team principal did already made clear that his team will focus on the long-term progress. Moreover he doesn’t agree with Mercedes’s negative consideration on Red Bull’s speed on the straight-line. “I don't share [the view] of what I hear and read about, because the performance of the Honda engine, looking at the GPS data, corresponds to the performance they had at the beginning of the season in Bahrain, - he tells, before talking again about Mercedes’ difficulties. “Then, they had to reduce performance due to reliability issues. I think by solving that, they're back to the standards they had at the start of the season.”

What does he think about the so-called step forward for Red Bull?

"There has been no step forward.- he states - We, from Bahrain onwards, always had the same level of performance because the engine allowed us to run like that. So for Red Bull, it is not a question of having taken a step forward, because that would not be allowed in the regulations."


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