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F1 | Domenicali talks about the biggest changes he has noticed in F1

Formula 1 CEO, Stefano Domenicali, talks about the biggest differences he has seen after being away of F1.

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F1 | Domenicali talks about the biggest changes he has noticed in F1
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Stefano Domenicali has returned to Formula 1 this season as the new CEO, replacing Chase Carey who was CEO and Executive chairman of Formula One Group after Liberty Media bought it in 2017.

Previously Domenicalli worked as Director of Ferrari Formula One and then became Team Principal in 2008 winning the Constructors' Championship, he resigned in 2014 at the start of the Hybrid Era. Stefano joined Audi and then moved to Lamborghini as CEO, leaving the italian brand in 2020 to join F1.

In an exclusive interview with Racefans.net, Stefano talked about the three biggest changes he has noticed in his comeback to F1 since leaving in 2014.

“I would say the relationship between teams, the commercial right holders and the FIA are for sure different. There is more involvement [in the overall process] now.”

“The second point is there are more drivers that are incredibly strong and an asset for the future. There were a few [top level drivers] in the past, but in terms of quantity and quality it is really much higher.”

“The third one is that in terms of the fundamentals, you can see the teams are thinking in different ways, mainly the big teams. When I left Formula 1 the top teams had basically no limit in terms of budget, no limit in terms of approach.”

“I already see now that these teams are thinking of Formula 1 in a different way, and the smaller teams now can see the Formula 1 of the future being an asset on which they can develop a real business.”

With Domenicali taking place as CEO, Chase became non-executive chairman.

“Chase took responsibility in a situation that was not easy at all, he did an incredible transfer to what is today Formula 1 from what was created by Bernie and during the CVC time. It has evolved in the right way, and I see a very strong future.”

One of the biggest changes we have this year is the implementation of some Sprint Races in the calendar being one of the proposals to attract new fans.

“I think this year will be very important for many factors. From a sporting point of view we see incredible energy: [F1] is back again, the races are very, very interesting. There are new ways of presenting Formula 1 through different platforms, engaging new fans in a different way.”

“Formula 1 is once again in the spotlight – we will have new grands prix, new venues and we will have the possibility of involving other partners in the future to make sure that the future of Formula 1 is great from the show point of view.”

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