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F1 | Austrian GP | Gasly was surprised after the FIA did not investigate his clash with Leclerc

Pierre Gasly confessed that he was surprised that the FIA did not investigate Leclerc's manoeuvre which cost the Frenchman his retirement from the last Styrian Grand Prix.

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F1 | Austrian GP | Gasly was surprised after the FIA did not investigate his clash with Leclerc
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The FIA investigations into the incidents on the track of different Grand Prix have been quite recurrent, however, there are some others in which it was decided that no investigation would be opened in them, a clear example was the incident between Pierre Gasly and Charles Leclerc at the last Styrian Grand Prix.

For many, this mishap could have been avoided by the Ferrari driver, however, the Monegasque driver did not calculate well the space between his car and the one of his French rival, causing them to collide. In the Italian car, the front wing was damaged, having to stop in the pits to replace it and then overcome the lost positions, which was possible until finishing in seventh position. On his side, Pierre Gasly had a puncture on his right rear tyre, which led to a lot of damage and finally had to retire. Pierre expressed his dissatisfaction with the FIA for not investigating the Monegasque driver's manoeuvre.

“In the end, it doesn’t really matter to me, but I must say I was a bit surprised at the time that there was no further investigation. Obviously, It wasn’t done on purpose, and it’s not something which Charles deliberately did, but for sure it had quite a big consequence in my race.” Pierre expressed.

“Especially after seeing Valtteri [Bottas] getting a three-place grid penalty for losing the control of his car in the pitlane, but not really affecting anyone else’s race, and this, which obviously had an impact on my race, I must say I was surprised.” The Frenchman admitted. “At the end of the day, I just care about my own race, and there’s not much that could change anything on that side. It’s just something we’re probably going tot talk about with Michael [Masi].”



The Formula 1 race director commented that they did become aware of the incident between these two drivers, they reviewed it but decided not to investigate it because it appeared to be the typical first lap accident of the race. On the other hand, Charles Leclerc does not believe that it was his fault since all the cars were very close together.

“For my wheel-to-wheel racing, I am actually quite satisfied with it. It’s obviously on the limit, but if you look at the last race, it helped us massively to come back through the field without losing too much pace. It’s always a fine balance. It was a bit too much in the first lap, but I spoke with Pierre. Everything is fine, and that’s it.” The Monegasque stated.

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