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F1 | Austrian GP | Schumacher on his rookie season: ''I´m happy how it´s going''

Mick Schumacher enjoys driving and is having a good time in Austria.

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F1 | Austrian GP |  Schumacher on his rookie season: ''I´m happy how it´s going''
Fuente imagen: Hasan Bratic. MotorLat.

After another qualifying in the Red Bull Ring for a second weekend in a row, Mick Schumacher is ready for more action. MotorLat had access to a brief online meeting with the German driver where he shared his thoughts on what´s coming ahead.

The German seems confident with the progress he has shown compared to last weekend and is waiting to see how much of that progress can be shown in tomorrow´s race.

Mick is happy with the second round in the Red Bull Ring that will allow him to compare his progress, “I think it´s positive,” he said when asked about it and also added, “being able to spend so much time with the team was great… we worked really hard.”

About the bonding with his team “I was very happy to be able to spend some time with them, we played football, had a barbecue together and watched some football. That´s very valuable time. It´s time well spent and I really missed that at the beginning of the year but nonetheless the bonding was very strong from the beginning. I enjoy working with these guys every day…”

When asked about his teammate´s complaints about the balance of the car and if he shared the feeling, Mick explained that he is “quite happy with the work we do, the way I feel, especially the decisions that we take. So, I don´t share that feeling.”

When asked by MotorLat about how demanding these past weeks have been and how he manages to disconnect and relax in between races Mick answered “My preferred place is in the car that´s where I relax the most. So, I´m happy to go on with triple headers and doubleheaders all the time. Obviously, I understand that it is very physically and mentally tough for everybody that's why it's good to get a break and calm down so will I. But, I´m already looking forward to what´s next.”

About Sebastian Vettel´s comments on how impressive has been Mick´s season this year on track and off track and his own reflection on the season so far. Schumacher answered “I´m happy how it´s going, performance-wise is tough. Nonetheless, we manage to get a way around. We work really well together and I´m really enjoying my time here. It´s easy for me to come early to work and leave work late. It´s so enjoyable… The hard work will pay off at some point and it already does.”

On checking the McLaren by the end of the last race and if that influence comes from Sebastian Vettel Schumacher explained it´s something he´s been doing since his karting days and that he always pays attention to how the tyres end with the other cars to be able to understand and learn from that.

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