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F1 | Austrian GP | Steiner hopeful that Mick can show the progress in the race

MotorLat had access to an online meeting with Haas´ Team Principal.

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F1 | Austrian GP | Steiner hopeful that Mick can show the progress in the race
Fuente imagen: Hasan Bratic. MotorLat

Guenther Steiner shared his thoughts on another complex weekend for his team. MotorLat had access to a brief online meeting where the team principal shared his thoughts on the Qualy and what´s coming ahead.

On the gentlemen agreement that´s usually broken in Qualy Steiner understands that young drivers are usually picked up for being the youngest ones. “It´s part of the game to learn," he added.

Steiner believes the progress Mick Schumacher made towards the rest of the field is down to the German driver “gaining experience. He´s doing things better because he can focus on the lap and nothing else around. That comes with maturity and they are getting better with more races they do.”

Guenther believes comparing both weekends is difficult but he highlights “the distance with the people in front of is getting smaller,” and added about Schumacher “last week out of three rounds in qualifying two were not very clean and today they were all good. So, I see that as a positive.”

About Nikita´s struggles Steiner believes that is due to the Haas car being unstable and making the Russian lose his confidence. “We´re trying to fix always in his balance but up to now we didn´t achieve it in a sufficient way." 

About the same topic he added “the car is difficult to drive and the guys try to find solutions.” On the difference with Mick Schumacher´s driving style the Team principal added “he can handle the instability better. He doesn´t feel as uncomfortable as Nikita does.”

When asked by MotorLat about how much of the progress shown in the weekend could be taken into the race. Steiner was hopeful “I hope so. Last weekend, Mick on the second stint did very well. If he can get going like this, you never know but there´s nothing for certain. Our long runs were not perfect but they were not really bad. If he can get the tyres to work tomorrow as we had last week. I think he has a chance to take it to them and that also depends on the temperature. I think colder will be better for us.”

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